My Love Poem Collection Romantic And Short

    Poem about love is the way to express our feeling. The moment that we had done before can be meaningful. Just try to remember about the moment, that's why i want to share you about my love moment in a love poem. See the collection down below, hope you all like it...

    Love Poem Romantic

    love poem

    1. Full Of Love 

    My love is eternal.
    I promise to always  be with you
    Forever and ever we will stick together

    My love is pure and honorable.
    Loyal and care is the part of my heart

    My love is about understanding and passion.
    always be compassionate without any reason.

    My love is patient and kind,
    until the end of time.

    My love is selfless and forgiving.
    For as long as I live.

    My love is encouraging.
    Always listen without judging,
    and never back down.

    My sweetheart, I love you deeply.
    Just my express, nothing more
    I will always love you
    Even when you are gone now…

    2. Things About Love 

    Respect can open the heart
    but not as belonging,
    Who needs to be loved,
    not treated aggressively.

    The value is more than all of the treasure
    Not just the mere addition of size.
    Must be built, not torn down,
    So that we continue to exist.

    He is admired because unlimited
    Not used as a target for all frustrations,
    But hugged tight and kissed fascinating

    Love is about respect and commitment
    And I don't take it for granted,
    Don't be shy to express your love.

    Caring every day as if it were the last,
    And at the end of our lives later,
    We do not regret our mistakes ...

    3. The Heart Guardian 

    I see you in my dreams.
    When I woke up, how real it was
    You're not here to cheer me up.
    But soon I hope you can be like that.

    It's hard to understand
    I just feel my heart was in your hand
    My love is truly yours.
    Come on, and make a house together.

    People always come and go,
    But my love is true, and never go
    Not about money, or to be the great one
    Just loving you, like the sunrise every day
    When the time is up, I start falling.
    Down into the deep sea of your heart

    4. You are everything

    You are the sun that shines bright all day long.
    You are gravity that holds me in every way.
    You are the moon in a million star
    You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.
    You are the blood that flowing in my veins.
    You are everything to me.
    I don’t want to lose you.
    I want you to be my soulmate,
    For the rest of my life…

    love girl

    Short Love Poem

    1. Shadow Of You 

    I still looking forward to that day
    The day when our love find its way
    The feeling so strong,
    I have no control

    Please, tell me how to stop this
    I can’t do this alone.
    Even when you already gone
    Your shadow still lies within me

    2. Finally 

    The days has come
    When I find you again
    I swear never leave you again
    Because my life is now complete,
    In a way that I can't show.

    3. Forever Love

    I will spend time with you
    You are the reason why I breathe.
    My life is yours,
    My hope and desires.
    Until my last day,
    My heart is always with you

    4. Stranger

    We meet up as a stranger
    And ended up as a lovers
    It's quite strange how we can go through
    Maybe love is a miracle
    Or just a fiction that comes real

    I don’t know about you
    The things that I know,
    I feel happy with you,
    No harm, just peace