My Collection School Poem Short Meaningful

School is one of the places that give us knowledge and relationship, many things we can learn while we are schooling. School also give me an inspiring moment to write some of the poems that related to our life. So, let's see my collection school poem below, and I hope you can take something on it…

school poem

School Poem Short Meaningful

1. Temporary Place

Schools bear the witness of my body and soul
Develop slowly day by day
To awake my potential
And see the things more clear
A temporary place,
Where I can’t be here forever
But they leave something for me
A memory of friendship and mind open

That's the school
The place who always make you cool
A place of achievement
To make some agreement

that's a simple word
Who never get old
Many dream and idea
Many sound and cheers
Represented by this temporary place

Bring us some motivation
To get along well with innovation
To answer every challenge
In our next life future
Many wanderers on the earth
Came from this place
A place of knowledge
To see the world from the edge

2. Become Butterfly

The gate greet me every morning
Together with the sun above,
say hello to my friend,
get along each other fence
Wait the moment to start my day
And soon it will be started

Not far away,
Sound of bell ringing
One by one enter the class
Prepared to take something to compare

The steps of the master come,
Repeat what has been done
Blend us together forever
Bring the challenge for us, to make some value progress

So our potential can grow
To make some changes
To make a better living
In our next future,
No more feeling insecure

And when we all finished
Later will become
A nice and tiny butterflies
Beautiful, and so colorful
Fly high chasing dream
In the blue sky and never cry

school poem

3. Chasing The Knowledge

Hot and rain I don’t care
My steps are steady,
Keep moving forward
To study at school never feel tirelessly
I don’t want to complain
And never give up

It’s an opportunity can’t be wasted
I’m not let my ground hold me back
My dream is there,
And I want to to go there

Pray give me more strength
Science gives the light of knowledge
Both of them can send the dark away
Life will be more colorful
Cherish everyday
To conquer the world someday

4. Imagine If…?

Schools gave us the light
Turn the dark and make us polite
Open our mind and take the chance

If there is no school in the nation
There will be no civilization
Humanity will drop down
Leave the ignorance to rule the plain

No school, it's not cool
Don’t let the dream go away
Keep our foot on the ground
And be the person who will take the overcome

5. Clean And Beauty Place

The flowers bloom
The garden full of colors
The student looks happy, not scrappy
The clean place makes a positive flow
Bring the peace on the place
Make our lesson deeper
The process growing
Fill our mind flowing
See the flowers bloom
Color my school day
So I’m not feel sway

That is five poems about school based on my school life. I hope it can give us an inspiring moment, and feel the positive things. Don’t forget to subscribe to get our latest articles and feel free to see the contact on the menu, thanks and happy reading...!

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