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    The theme of love poetry this time I will take the theme of sad love poetry. With various points of view and also full of the meaning of love and also life in it. Let’s take a look the sad poem below guys…


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    Sad Love Poetry


    1. In The Rain


    The shocking light shot me from the sky

    From the highest throne where the saints peered into the hustle and bustle below

    It rains and cries so often that I no longer feel special

    They have attractive pull magnets to perfect the throne between the two

    Warm and slow, then glide mercilessly

    The whole earth weeps in the cry of space

    Wet soil with multicolored sprinkles

    The ground swallows you up quickly as if it's been a long time ago

    Like a couple who get time to blend in

    As fast as you breathe, you look very friendly and enjoy it.

    Featuring a smile, carrying the news in the belly of the earth is heaven

    It's as if grief is queuing up to fill my days that are seen as always cheerful

    It's like they're racing to risk the word "please" that I'm going to say.

    Go home with a laugh, and understand

    Revenge for the birth they laughed at you retaliated with nothing left.


    2. Forced Smiles


    The red flame softened the arrogance I've maintained for so long.

    I can still breathe a little headland scent in the arm that you hold as a greeting

    A subtle smell knocks on the door cunningly

    A little headland that blends your body into an arrow with a deadly poison sticking out

    It's collapsing. it's broken. Devastated... It's gone...

    I'm hostile to this day forever

    When your kingdom began to declare independence without me as its king

    It's like treason that makes me a fugitive to win instantly.

    I built that palace and you ruled without me there.

    Bring stupidity that is never gloomy

    The word “forever” stab me to death

    Suffocating without power

    Injured without splash of blood


    3. The Prison


    Closely, the thought that I'm silent.

    Never one step away from the control center makes it weaker


    I feel so petrified.

    With one of the two I let in and out.

    I managed to separate with one of the two neighbors with the trench I dug.

    It's getting deeper with the mines I buried in there.

    When I can't choose the letter I'm carrying it is born

    My different wounds make me think I'm the only one who feels pain.

    I don't know how much distance I have with them.

    The door they left open with a friendly loud voice greeted

    It's like a prison I created myself.

    Feeling comfortable from the the outside of the world

    A tempo when the crying for the first time

    They're not going to make me move.

    The millions of arrows I've prepared are ready

    To tear up a little bit of the movement I've created.


    sad love poem


    Sad Poem To Make You Cry


    Sad Poetry – Who has no sense of sadness? Like the destiny of a space in the heart is created to accommodate that sense. be an eternal part of life, and merge with all the souls that are crushed in the body. Here’s the next them for the sad poem, check it out guys…




    Staring at the vast sky

    Gazing at the high seas

    Crave residents to pass through

    Sorry not as beautiful as the one above


    Paper torn and kneaded

    Glass shattered

    The pieces are put together

    Looks intact but separated




    When people expect gold

    But only a quote on a piece of paper

    Wet with heavy rain

    Crushed, torn, unsused raib

    Like an unrequited letter

    Digging into a dream far from real

     sad love poem

    It’s Allright


    I want to be okay.

    like you who regretlessly duplicate

    I want to be okay.

    no injuries or voids

    I still want to be good

    But it doesn’t meant to be


    Give Up


    In this corner of the city

    The sky is back flushed

    Accompanying the dark stepping

    Clouds are getting greyer

    While this soul is still fighting

    Not an assumption

    I know it's all uncertain.




    Like a pair of pigeons spreading their wings

    Preparing to fly into space

    Enjoy the cool mountains, the blue of the ocean, the beauty of the park

    Fly around happily

    Dreaming as high as possible will cross the corners of space


    But now the wing is broken

    The wound is bleeding.

    It's painful. that was the incision of the heart at that time..

    When you offer happiness

    But you are also the one who destroyed


    Without feeling sin thou torehkan lara wound

    For no apparent reason you just left me.

    You destroyed me not with the sharp lyest of daggers

    But by the promise of faithfulness thou deny.



    Why it's so painful

    Until the body doesn't hold him back.

    Passers-by just say grief


    It's such a fracture that I think

    Is it true that he broke me on purpose?

    Or because of the amount of my love for him.

    And the height i hope to be with him

    But the reality of fate doesn't unite us.

    And hope is just a dream.


    Depressed Poems


    1. KITE


    I don't want you to love.

    Then you just leave.

    I don't want you to love.

    Then turn your back


    Love needs proof

    It's not just the spoken word of promise

    It's not just busy convincing

    But neglect to give certainty


    I'm not a kite.

    What you're pulling out as you please.

    I'm not a kite.

    What to play with when the wind is strong


    I'm not a kite.

    Which was only pursued when He broke up.

    I'm not a kite.

    What he's playing with when he's happy

    And dumped when he's bored


    2. WHY Must Feel Love


    I think by looking at you from a distance

    It's been quite happy

    I thought I was staring at you from behind the scenes.

    This desire is satisfied

    I thought I was staring at you from a distance.

    It's going to make me live a quiet life.


    Turns out all is not enough..

    This heart wants to always have you

    This body wants to be with you all the time.


    'I'm not going to be able to do that': The 20-year-old has been linked with a move away

    When you shake his hand

    It's a pain my heart can't hold.

    When you return to his embrace


    What a lack of heart this is

    Until I am the one you hurt

    Isn't this heart never tired

    Don't give up waiting for you.


    Doesn't this heart never stop convincing you?

    Sacrifice so much to get your love

    Accept whatever your shortcomings are

    Even accepting the heartbreak you felt first


    Why there is love

    If I were to get hurt

    Why do you plant hope?

    If you're the one who destroyed it,

    Why are you offering to fly into the clouds?

    If you break this wing,


    Why there is suffering

    If happy is created

    Why is there a black one

    If white is fun


    Why you invite love

    If you also leave lara

    Why you want to always be understood

    But this heart you never understood


    3. Last Letter


    I love you, like the wind loves flowers

    like rain loves rainbows

    But all I've received is your sharp spines.

    But in fact you were happy when I left.


    I honestly hope you understand.

    But the more I get to know you, I know it's going to be hard for you to love me.

    I don't have anything to deserve.

    That could make you see me.


    All right, let me go.

    I'm not tired, i'm not giving up.

    If being away from me makes you happy


    I wish there would be someone who loved you more than me.

    And I hope you don't waste it like you threw me away.

    I'm going to miss how I'm trying to stay in your little heart.

    Even though there's no place left for me there.


    All right, I'm leaving, I'm sorry if I ruined your life.

    This is the last one I can give you.

    I just want to see you smile.

    I wish there was someone looking after you who loved you more than me.


    If you open your heart.

    Come to me, bring me the hope I put off

    This is the last thing I can prove, I love you.

    sad love poem
    sad word

    Short Sad Poems


    1. Unfair


    I know it's all unfair.

    I know this is already happening.

    I can't say anything.

    Even tears no longer want to drip

    The reason I hear so many times.

    The reason you often say

    You're with him like I don't know.

    What a play you've done to me.

    Let's be honest, honey.

    Let it all clearly have been different

    If I'm going to have to go.

    I accept even the heartache


    2.  Tormented



    Why did you leave me?

    There's no love like you anymore.



    When you're far away this is tormented

    so tormented and suffering


    My heart hurts ...

    But why do these wounds make me love so much?


    3. Used To Be


    You used to be the one who was be there for me.

    You used to be cheer up me all the time.

    But now you're not by my side.

    And now you're the one who always makes me cry.


    4. Forgotten


    You used to promise me.

    Promise never to leave me.

    But now it's all gone.

    And now you leave me without saying..

    Know but don't know

    That word is always in my heart.

    I can still reach you.

    But you don't wanna know me anymore.


    5. Waiting


    You're the one who always makes me cry.

    But you're also the one I'm still waiting for.

    No matter how long I have to wait, because

    waiting for someone I care about, why not?


    Okay guys, that’s one of my sad poem collection, I hope you can learn and enjoy the sad love poem above, if you like you can share or subscribe for the update later, thx for reading my love poem, byee…