Love Poems From The Heart Touching Full Of Meaning

    There are many dimensions of love, all blend together in one love poems from the heart. Loving someone is beauty, and loved by someone is a gift. Below is poetry about love, expression of the heart, save by the words of love. I hope we can get something on it, see the poem collection below…

    Short Love Poem

    love poem

    1. Walk With You

    Our love is huge and beauty
    A castle full of color
    Soft and gently unite,
    In the name of love
    We stay together
    We walk together
    We share everything together

    Focus to get the goals
    Aiming for the future
    Sailing through, across the ocean
    Our love will live forever

    2. Jealousy

    My love is so deep
    Make me jealous for things not sure
    Maybe it's too overrated
    But for me, this is my struggle
    To keep the happiness inside my soul

    I feel jealous with the wind,
    Who always accompany you

    I feel jealous with the sun,
    Who always makes you warm

    I feel jealous of the rainbow
    Who always make you smile

    Sorry disappoint you
    Just words of my jealousy
    Just want to be a number one
    Nothing else, just jealousy…

    3. Endless Road

    Love keeps flowing
    Continue to be pursued
    Can’t stop, always move forward
    Never lock back,
    Even It's broken down

    Love doesn’t turn
    Keep straight with the time
    Never tired with love
    Its and endless road
    Give us strength and power
    To grow up reach happiness

    4. Meaning Of You

    I don’t care about love
    Only me, the one I care about
    Not until I meet with you
    The angel from above sky
    You changed all of my life
    Unlock the sealed door of the heart
    Warm my soul, with softly touch

    Now, under the blue sky
    I swear my whole life just for you
    Loving you is the most beautiful things
    Without regret, I choose you as my partner
    We walk together till the day I die
    Forever, and ever…

    Love Poem For Someone

    love poem

    1. Still Waiting

    The dusk has come
    The sun looks tired goes by
    No one things eternal
    Everything will come and go
    At the end of time

    While I’m still here
    Waiting for someone
    In a quiet feeling
    The silence of my heart
    Tired and lonely
    But my loyalty keeps me strong
    Dancing every day in my life

    Still waiting for you
    Forever I will wait for you to come home
    Not just like the time,
    Who always come and go
    Without cares only leaving the blank space
    And be forgotten by the days

    2. Without Reason

    The sun smiles
    Bright and shinning
    Pieces of dew touch my day
    Cool and sweet
    The beauty of nature touches my soul

    God’s creation so beautiful
    Same goes like you
    Your eyes like the morning sun
    Your smiles like a rainbow
    And your touch like the moon
    Giving peace into my soul

    That’s why I love you,
    Without any reason
    Because love doesn’t need words
    It's about feeling and caring for each other

    3. Miss You

    See the night sky
    The moon shining bright
    Smile upon me
    Who is missing someone

    My feeling,
    Always come when the silence rise
    Fill my empty heart
    Try to forget the past
    But never worked

    Only you who can save my day
    Only you who can help me reach my dream
    Always be there when you need me
    No heart feeling just flows with the rhythm