Poetry About Love Feeling So Fascinating

    Poetry about love feeling give us enthusiasm and also peace. Being loved by someone is a feeling that is so deep and full of happiness. Below is an expression of heart in the form of love poems for your lovers

    Love poem for the one you love 

    love poem

    1. In My Soul 

    Always thinking about you
    What are you doing there,
    Are u thinking about me,
    Or just pass away…

    I hope to see you soon.
    Share things together again,
    Share our love, soft and gently
    Oh beauty, I’m so in love with you
    It’s a gift from heaven
    Natural present for me,
    That shine my whole world

    Thanks, for everything
    You are my life, my love, and my breath
    Your love eternal deep inside my soul

    2. Now, Later And Then

    There’s so much beauty around me
    But in the end, I choose you.
    Not because of the look,
    But about my heart feeling

    Now, later and then,
    It will be the same
    Still loving you,
    Eternal and forever

    What is the best its not always perfect
    Without pretending and regretting
    No doubt about it,
    Now, later and then,
    You are my choosen one
    Always and forever will be…

    3. No Fake At All 

    My Love is simple
    No pretending, no acting, and no begging
    Just the way it is
    Just follow the rivers flow
    Till the end of time
    Without romantic words,
    I just offer the best thing I can do
    For the sake of our love future

    But one thing for sure,
    I just want to make a sacred promise
    A word that bond our love strong enough
    No fake and pretending at all

    4. One Thing For Sure 

    To many love in my heart
    But they just come and go,
    Like dust gone with the wind
    Like a rainbow, that was so beauty at first,
    But fading away slowly as time goes by

    Until you came into my life
    Fill my entire days, make everything different
    The passion of love with sincere feeling
    My heart shakes, I don’t know why

    Is this true love…?
    Or just an illusion of love…?

    I don’t know about things ahead
    But one thing for sure
    That I always thinking about you
    feel comfort with you,
    No worried, calm and peace


    Love Poem For My Love

    1. Keep moving 

    A love from you make things different
    New color, for a new life
    A spirit  that makes me keep moving
    But its still long way to go
    Don’t swayed by the waves
    Enjoy the process
    To reach our goals together

    But when you are feels tired
    You can rest for a while,
    And  remember how far we go
    And look the stars keep watching us

    Its not easy, but we can make it
    Just keep moving, and never look back
    Our love is strong and gently
    It will guide us to the road of happiness

    Just keep moving…
    Just keep moving…
    My dear…

    2. Love Has Come 

    Blue sky turns dark
    Leaving space of silence
    Try get rid of this void
    But don’t know how

    But then the bright light comes
    Touched the dry land strongly
    Revive the withered heart
    Get up again, and chase the dream

    God's destiny always ends beautifully
    There is no doubt in love
    Because love doesn't need recognition
    Its only about passion and feeling
    Blend each other into true love
    A soul of pure love,
    without pretending and demanding

    3.  The Way it is

    The way you love me is unique
    Different from the others
    No sweet words
    No pretending
    Nothing to worried about
    Just the way it is
    Let this feeling flows naturally
    Until the good times come
    We stick together,
    No matter what happens
    We keep moving to the edge
    See the stars together
    Shares our loves under the moonlight
    That shinning like our soul together and forever