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This time I wanted to share my poem collection about a true friend and best friend moment in a word of a poem. Because best friend always took part in my life journey, we can’t be here, achieve many positive things without them. Their support, their feeling, makes us keep move forward. By that experience I want to share in a poem word, let’s take a look at the collection below

Friendship Poem For A Best Friend

Friendship Poem

1. Poem Best Friend: Missing You

Remembered when a time
We meet coincidence
Don’t know what to say
We feel sway and tried to go away
But that’s not happen
Nature wanted us to blend together each other

At first, it may feel strange
But after so many things happen with you
I realize you are the purest friends that I ever had
You are my true best friend

Which is always there when I need it
Who always there when I was drowning
In the deep ocean of sorrow
Share and laughing together
Even when I was bad,
You keep standing there .

Believe that I will survive
From the misery of my past
I will not forget
our times together
Because it impresses me so much
Your beauty and your soul are perfect

I wish you always happy
It is worth to have that for someone like you
Because of a beautiful person like you
Friends come and go,
But true friends always stay there
Their feeling will always spread out everywhere

2. Best Friend Poem: Sincerity 

I read about the dark story of life
Who never found the light
Someone tries to help
Try to save him from the hole
Pure and without fear

I don’t want to be a hero
Or a good guy
I just can’t see my best friend down
I feel hurt when seeing that thing
I don’t know why,
All I know just helping and learning

For me, a true friend is a treasure
they are the light when the dark come
They are freshwater in the middle of the desert
A perfect cure for the emptiness soul

Many people keep judging each other
Yeah I know, It's not easy to give advice
Without being a judge at once

But all I want is not like that
All of this is pure
The good things are for my things
And my best friend is my everything

I hope we can be like this forever
Honest, pure and no force at all
Just appreciate each other
To maintain this forever

Friendship Poem

3. Poem of a best friend: One heart, one soul

The road in front of us is hard
I believe we can take a ride
Pass through all the rock
Without fear of getting knock

It’s not an easy track,
To survive and chase the dream
In the world that so cruel in reality
But as long as we are together
As long as we are united
All the hard things will bow down

We have knowledge
We are determined person
And we are people with a strong spirit
That's enough to face the storm
In the journey that will be last forever

encourage is important
Giving hand, while we must keep the stand
Unite our vision
Then believe it can be achieved
Love each other
Treat each other
Forgive each other
That’s how to maintain the power
The power of friendship that will last forever

4. Friends Poem: Stay Away for Good

What's wrong with you
You avoid when I ask
You answered the phone modestly
You're really not as usual

A friend who is always cheerful
Now suddenly silent
One thousand words not even cross
Have I hurt you before?
If yes, please forgive me

And suddenly the unexpected news came
From a relative of mine
It turns me out to feel the pain
The silent friend is there for a reason

He was sick can’t breathe easily
Stay on the hospital
And makes me feel alone

I just want to say something
One chance in my lifetime
To speak the truth about my feeling
Even the condition is bad
I still love you, from the start
And from the last breath, we have

5. Friends Poem: Hello My Best Friend

Today is so bright
As bright as the morning sun
bright my day, so I’m not feel sway
I move with more spirit
To go into a great place
To see the great person in my life

I go into his house to send a gift
It’s a birthday moment of my best friend
The most annoying person
Is the person that I gave present

Sound silly, but yes, it was me
Sometimes we joke entire day for sure
But sometimes serious things must be done

Thank you for your word wisdom
Your patience always break up the silent
Maybe I’m to shy to admit
You are my bad friend
And also you are my best friend, hahaha…

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Having a friend who understands us is certainly very meaningful and imprints in each of our lives. Apart from family, friends are the people who know best about our personalities without being judgmental. This time the best friend's poem takes a variety of themes and perspectives about true friends who always leave a heart, just check the Poem collection below ...

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