Friendship Poem About Farewell And Life Lesson

Every journey has its own stories, and friendship always makes the whole story more clearly. Not all of the friends can be a best friend, so make sure you open up your feeling with the right person of your friend. By the way, the poem below is my collection poem about farewell things in our life, especially the moment with our best friend. So, take a look at the short poem below, please…

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Friendship Poems About Farewell

1. Friendship Poem: See You Again

Like the sky above
who not always look bright
Sometimes the sun covered by the cloud
And the clouds turn into black

Like our friendship
It’s so up and down
Sometimes we agreed with something
Sometimes we ended up in a debate

But that things make us strong
Feel more connected
And feel understanding each other more

Now is the time for the gates to be open up
The flower started to bloom
Flows time by time
To start a new adventure

Here we are,
Standing on the edge
See the sky, look for the future
Chase the life within our dream

Maybe the distance block us
Maybe daily life makes us busy
But it doesn’t change the fact
That we are still connected
Don’t feel lousy, it just a game full of misery

I don’t know, can we meet again someday
Still don’t have an idea about that
The things I know that you are my best friend
Always and forever be the same
I’m not changing my view on you
You are you,
Still like the old-time before

2. Friends Poem: You Still My Best Friend

It's been four years past
We struggle in the beauty of friendship
Whatever we've been through together
From sadness, sorrow, hurt and breakup
and chase the dream, and live in love
Happy ever after

The distance only limited to the number of kilometers
Time is limited to numbers in seconds and hours
But my love is not limited by the numbers
Even though the time make us old
That doesn’t mean we must feel bold

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3. Friendship Poem: Goodbye My Friend ...

This pain so deep
crushed my heart feel so hard
I don’t care about the world
I just want to hear you say the word

I have been waiting for two months
You wake up from your long sleep
Trapped in two dimension
Between life and death
The eyes open but still unconscious

I wish I could say
My feeling about you
I already forgive you
And I want you to come back
To make some good play

The time is already up
I know the truth will hurt me a lot
But I still don’t believe
I still don’t prepare yet

No want scold me again
Or arguing with me
It feels different
When you are not there

I look up your condition day by day
Hope for good progress
But it seems you are getting more far away
I don’t know how to say
Just ended up in sadness

Goodbye my friend
There is always your name on my pray
God will protect you
Guide you into a perfect place
Saving you for the last

4. Friendship Poem: From Friend To Be A Lover

This feeling is normal
attraction by knowing each other
The same thing happens with the others
I know you more and more
As time goes by

Friendship always come for me
But being a lover is perfect for me
I’m not forcing you into this feeling
Just try to share something
And I hope we can be more understanding

The more hours that we spent together
The more heart being touch by the love
This feeling deeper and deeper
I feel pressure makes it feel heavier

I decided to end
Close this book forever
Let me go, free my wings
I don’t want to hurt you
I choose to go away
To see you happy someday

Please keep remember
That you are still my fairy
Always adores you, even the old-time comes


That it’s all guys, the poem about friendship and farewell moment inside of it. Don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends, maybe they will appreciate more and make the connection even strong later. I hope the poem above brings some inspiration to us, and bye, for now, see you later guys…

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