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Right now I want to share some friendship poem that based on my experience before. Because life is different when there is no best friend in our life. So by that moment, I want to express my emotion with the poem words, as my appreciate things for my old friends before. Let's take a look my poem below...

friendship poems

Friendship Poem For A Best Friend

1. Friends Poem: Forever Be Friend

I know I’m doing wrong
I'm not a perfect friend
You're right, we can't be together forever
Sometimes there’s a thing that can’t be shared

However, can you skip that for a moment?
All hope that we share before
All dreams that still hanging on the sky
All things that block us now and later
It’s a test for us, to complete the journey

I want you to know
I can trade everything on my life
To keep you by my side
It’s pure and honest

From now on and later on
I will always love you
Even though we are different
Even when the things going in our way

I still believe that the power of friendship can’t break
We will be there and team up together
Share the moment here and after until last forever

2. Friends Poems: Only You 

How long have you been being as a friend?
How much time have you spent with me?
Don't you feel it about the time pass by
Everything goes beautifully perfectly

The longer we spent together
My love is getting bigger
I don’t want to lose you
I just want to spend my life with you

Hopefully, we stay together
Become friends until the end of time
Without worrying about the things,
that hard to over become

3. Friends Poems: About Our Friendship

To my best friend,
Hopefully, we are always like this
Write a journey with golden ink
Perfect in a life full of joke and never cry

Oh, my best friend,
Don't ever leave me,
Or forget about me
Even the distance look far away
Please try to understand
About the moment, about the feeling.

My best friend,
Although in the end, we are all alone
But in my heart, you always be there
As part of my life journey
That color my life without any misery

friendship poems

4. Friends Poems: For My Little Friends

My best friend,
How long have we been friends like this?
Close and always sticky
Not getting away even the storm is on my way

Wishing that our friendship
Never be over and always life forever
In happiness and sorrow
We walk forward to climb the hill up

Being with you my wound feel nothing
Being with you I Feel stronger each day
No more tears and cry
No more feel tired

Hopefully, there is no time limit
For our friendship,
Hopefully, there is no distance
For our feeling together

You and I, we will keep moving forward
No matter what happens,
You are my best friend
And I believe we can move forward till the end

5. Friendship Poem: The Color of My Life

My best friend
You are like the shadow that’s always there for me
You are heart warmer when it's all getting colder
You're the curtain when the sun shining bright,

My best friend,
I believe that,
Half of my soul is possessed
However, you also gave me the other parts
Combine our soul together, no time limit

I hope you always stay here
Always be on my side
Always encouraging without judging
Thanks for everything my friend,
You though me a lesson
About the meaning of friendship
Make my day full with a smile
Make my soul feel so color


Okay guys, that the friendship poem for a moment. I hope there is a lot of things that we can get from the poem above. Don’t forget to subscribe and add or follow my contact media, and feel free to read and I hope it can inspire us later, see ya…

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