My Friendship Poem: Time To Say Goodbye

Meeting a true friend is a very beautiful moment unforgettable, it feels like we can continue to be together with our friends, but all of that there is a time, separation will definitely occur, either because of distance or circumstances that do not allow continued close to friends. This time the best friend's poem takes the theme of parting with diverse perspectives, let's just take a look at the Poem collection below ...

Friendship Poem: Time To Say Goodbye

Friendship Poem

1. Should We Go Away?

It's been a long time
We collide and laughter
Makes our day even stronger
But now,
Everything seems gone
We have to move away
Chase dream that so far away

Will you forget me?
With your new friend
Will you consider me
That I ever existed in your life?

If one day, we meet again
That day will be the big day
Many things are going in our way
But our friendship must stay
And never changes forever

2. Meet Again Someday

People say,
Friendship is the beginning of a story
People say,
Friendship will stay forever
All of that is true
You are part of my stories
A story full of meaning
So colorful while we look like a fool

But now, the time has come
To say goodbye and try to let go
But it just looks too short
Our friendship more than just a story
Even the time can’t hold these memories

3. Stories About Friends

There is a beautiful story
About you and me
In a village
far away from the mainland

Love grows easily
It's not just a matter of relationship
It’s about a strong feeling of knowing
It can’t be broken or be taken

I hope you never forget
Let the memories flow
Even when we already far away now
The feeling still the same
As a best friend that see the things look the same

You with your world
I’m with my world
We meet in a new world
With the same stories behind
Full of memory, leave our misery

friendship forever

4. May We Meet Again

The time is not on our side
I know that,
Someday the farewell word will come
But the moment will keep remaining same

One thing I hope for,
If one day we meet again
You are the first that I will be looking for
To share our stories before
Without regret or even cry
We must move on
And live by the dream
To make our value keep on the stream

You are my best friend
best of everything
My feeling always be the same as you
Can’t be changed,
Even when the world pulls me off

5. Don’t Say Goodbye

Our moment together is great
I don't want to go away
However, the things so different
Make us put in a distance

If there is a beginning there must be ending
If now we are separated,
Then someday we will meet again
I don’t know when
But I believe in time
To unite us once again

I miss all of you guys
There is no goodbye
Its just time to passing by


Okay guys, that the friendship poem about time to say goodbye, I hope we can take some short lesson on it. Time always keeps moving, makes things changed, but friendship must stay forever. Something far can feel close we all blend together with the same feeling.

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