5 Friendship Poem: Falling In Love With Best Friend

    Best Friend always took important part in our live. They not just only friend, but more than that. They are more deeper that can make us stronger. Support us in any condition, not judge to much, and keep trust with us. So by my experience with all of the best friend moment, I want to share some poem words about best friend especially for friendship moment. Let’s see the collection below…

    Friendship Poems For Best Friend


    1. Friendship Poem: I falling In Love

    We meet for a long time ago
    Share the moment together
    The stories never fade away
    Make me still on the ground
    And looking for you around

    I admit,
    That you are my best Friendship
    However, for some reason
    As time goes by,
    I want you to be a part of my story

    Not a story about Friendshipship
    The story that I want is more than that
    But I’m afraid that we gonna make some distance
    I don’t want to lose you,
    Just close by you

    My direction is all about you
    Spend time together
    Until our life forever

    I hope you feel the same way too
    I must survive with this
    Waiting for the right moment
    Until the time decided

    Being a best friend is nice
    I hope I can share my feeling to you,
    I must take the price
    Even you feel different
    I’m still falling in love with you

    2. Friendship Poem: Keep The Moment

    Time changes, rolling every day
    Repeat the same thing
    And I feel boring
    I was trapped, I fell down

    But Friendship makes me alive
    Make me feel stronger
    Best Friendship is always there
    Nothing can compare

    As time goes by
    My feeling move by
    From start with nothing
    Now, I feel something

    Is there a chance,
    When love and Friendshipship can stay forever?
    Or I must struggle to keep this longer
    I hope, everything ended up beautifully


    It’s hard to express our feeling with our best friend, we don’t want to change the moment. The ego hold for the truth. Sometimes there are things that we must say before it to late, at least we are trying, and try to release the pressure…

    best friend

    3. Friendships Poem: About Us

    Try to remember again
    The closeness between me and you
    Together as a best friend
    Chase dream and face the wild ocean

    If in the end our Friendship is broken,
    Deep and far away I feel sway
    But I hope it never comes
    Our friendship is strong
    To become love who never gone forever

    All those things will happen
    While we still sit same on the ground
    Look into the sky wide open
    I hope your heart will not be taken

    Promise me you will remain the same
    I will try to find the way,
    To turn this feeling right in front of you
    A best friend can stay forever
    But my love for you will remain always and ever

    4. Friendships Poem: Loving You

    Is my feeling wrong?
    All things have been changes
    The past is just a memory
    And I want to write more with you
    As a best friend or even a lover

    I drown and never get up
    I surrender with my feeling
    It’s so hard to deny
    It’s so hurtful to leave by

    I just want to share my feeling
    I know you already feel that too
    Why don’t we put this ended up
    Being a lover, and never came back

    5. Friendships Poem: Love without Sound

    I have no idea,
    How this love so quite
    We keep silent
    But we know things flow in a moment

    I have no idea,
    About love that ring without sound
    Can’t turn off even if I try
    Nothing should be cry
    Loving you is a lesson
    To be wiser, and feel closer
    And I will not think twice

    When the flowers started to bloom
    It looks so beautiful
    Like my feeling that ring without sound
    Chanting inside, silent outside

    My love keep grow
    Never get old and you should know
    Even it’s hard to express
    It still can make some progress

    Don't let me hold this alone
    Help me to find the way
    To be one another
    Or just pass by skip with the others


    That is the friendship poem that is based on my moment before. It really hard when our feeling is stuck by friendship. We try to hold the feeling but it keeps stronger and grow bigger. At the end of that things, honesty is a must, we can’t hide the truth behind, even the result is not good, at least we are trying, to be honest with ourself, and let the time do the rest…