How To Make Your Own Poem Easily For Newbie

    How To Make Your Own Poem

    Make Your Own Poem

    My Poem - Poetry as a form of literary creation is made with beautiful sentences full of meaning. There are two types of poetry, namely the type of old poetry and the type of contemporary poetry. Today, many people use contemporary types of poetry because it is easy to write. Well, for those of you who want to know How To Make Your Own Poem easily, you can read the explanation below.

    Make Your Own Poem

    When you want to write poetry, you have to include your heart and imagination. Because, a proverb once explained that a beautiful poem is the most imaginative poem. Actually, when you write poetry, you can write it according to your heart.

    However, what makes it difficult is the way to express feelings to the sentence. Therefore, you need a few steps to make a good poem and have the desired result. So, a guide to writing a good and beautiful poem? Read some of the steps below.

    1. Set the Poetry Topic and Title

    Make Your Own Poem

    Before we start writing poetry, the first step that needs to be done is to determine the topic. You can create a topic according to the poem you want to make. For example, topics about natural disasters, romance, spirituality, humanity, love for the homeland, and many come back.

    If you want to take a topic related to the romance of a relationship, then the title that is made must also be related to that. You can write the title at the beginning before writing the poem. If it is difficult, then the title can be made after the poem has been successfully recorded.

    The title in the poem must say the entire content of the poem that is made. Make sure that the title does not contain many words, aka divided into a number of clear and solid words. Thus, someone who sees the title of our poem will immediately be interested in reading the poem.

    2. Create a Poetry with the Right Choice of Words and Rhymes

    The way how to write a second poem is to start compiling sentences with beautiful diction. If you still don't know the right word choice, then you can see a list of commonly prepared word choices on the internet. Write a few choices of words that you want to use, then start to arrange the words in the poem.

    Besides that, you must also determine the right rhyme, because this is the uniqueness of a poem. Rima itself has the meaning of one repetition of sound in the syllables in the poem.

    Make Your Own Poem

    There are several types of rhymes that are often used when writing poetry, namely:

    • Prime rhyme, which is a rhyme that has the same syllable ending, such as ma-lang, ma-ti, pa-lang, ha-ti, and others.
    • Non-prime rhyme, i.e. rhymes that have the same syllable ending, but only on a number of sides. For example, go home and the finisher is the same, and the words morning and day don't end the same.
    • Hugging rhyme, which is a repetition of words where the first line rhymes with the 4th line, and the 2nd line rhymes with the 3rd line. The formula is a-b-b-a.
    • Crossed rhymes, namely rhymes that end in alternating words, namely a-b-a-b.
    • Created rhymes, namely rhymes that are in the same sentence ending in a row. For example, a-a-a-a-b-b-b-b.
    • Twin rhyme, which is the repetition of the same word every two sentences, such as a-a-b-b-c-c-d-d, and so on.
    • Broken rhyme, which is an irregular rhyme, so that this rhyme is often said to be a form of free rhyme.
    • From the types of rhymes above, we can choose one of the poetry rhymes that are easy to use. Match word for word with the rhyme options taken, so that you can produce such beautiful poetry literary creations.

    Make Your Own Poem


    3. Using the same figure of speech according to the topic of the poem made

    If you have found the right choice of words and rhymes, then it's time for you to include elements of figure of speech in the poem. Of course, if you want to know about how to write poetry that contains figure of speech, therefore we must know several types of figure of speech first.

    Some types of figure of speech are often used in a poem, one of them:

    • Personification figure of speech is a figure of speech that compares inanimate objects with humans. For example, the wind seemed to whisper a memory to me.
    • Metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two different objects, but still has the same meaning. For example, the king of the day came to bring warmth.
    • Federation Majas. namely a figure of speech that compares two different objects with different meanings. For example, you look like a squirrel rolling a coconut.
    • Hyperbole is a figure of speech that has been done to express something too much. For example, her face is like an angel in heaven.
    • Sarcasm figure of speech, which is a figure of speech that is recorded with a direct rude statement. For example, His voice is bad it makes my eardrums hurt.
    • You can use several figures of speech in a poem depending on your needs. The benefit of this figure of speech is to make poetry more readable and meaningful in something that only a few authors can find.

    Make Your Own Poem


    4. Set the Temple to Use

    The verse in how to compose poetry is important for us to look at. Usually, we can define a stanza of a poem about 2 stanzas, 4 stanzas, 6 stanzas, and others. However, many people always use 4 stanzas in their poetry.

    By paying attention to the stanzas, the poetry creations that you make are more attractive and look beautiful. A series of arranged word choices and figure of speech will give breath to the poem. Until, every time someone reads it, they will feel the emotion or heart that the poet said.

    5. Use Imagination to Improve Poetry

    Imagination when writing a poem is really needed so that poetry will develop and be interesting to read. This must take some time, so you can write poetry when you have free time.

    Try to write a poem accompanied by a broad description of the imagination. Every word for the word you make, needs to have a description that you want to say to readers. You can read it over and over again, then make one change from the composed poem.

    How To Make Your Own Poem Easily