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    Hello sobat Poemers, kali ini kami akan membagikan puisi dengan tema puisi b inggris alias puisi dengan bahasa inggris. Ada banyak kategori puisi bahasa inggris yang akan kami sajikan mulai dari cinta, keluarga, hingga pada alam dan juga persahabata. Langsung aja kuy kita lihat koleksi puisi b inggrisnya dibawah ini:

    Kumpulan Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Cinta

     love poem

    Memories of Him


    About a memory

    Memories of love

    Memories of hate

    Memories of mutual affection

    Memories of each other are forgotten

    All bound in one word,

    That's a memory....

    Of the many memories

    Of all the thoughts that cross

    And of all the ideas that have been put in place,

    Why are you always in it?

    I feel empty without you.

    I don't want to live only in memories

    I want this to all be real

    Because I love you sincerely as it is


    You're Different!


    I've felt love before

    But never felt like this

    Where you're like the soul of my life

    My heart trembles in happiness

    My whole senses are entangled.

    By the desire and passion of love

    If I can't have you

    I'better live without love


    Because of you


    Thanks to your presence in my life

    I can feel true love.

    I've never felt peace like this.

    A feeling that flows gently in my heart

    You give it all up without force.


    My heart used to be untouched by love

    I don't know what it's like.

    Thanks to your presence I can feel it.

    All passion in love is fused in the soul


    I'm thirsty for your touch.

    I'm fascinated by your soft voice.

    My world changed instantly because of you.

    My choice is to spend all my life with you


    If it wasn't for you by my side,

    Maybe I'm still in a drift,

    In anticipation of uncertainty

    This life is not complete

    If I can't go with you again


    Everything to me


    Our love binds each other

    Likes and sorrows mixed one

    Dreams and fantasies shared

    I immerse myself in the satisfaction of the heart


    Fulfilled in every hug

    I open this heart just for you.

    You are everything to me,

    This whole feeling is just for you.


    Love is easy to feel

    No reason to do

    Just like our love today

    Who comes without saying hello,

    But it's deep in our hearts.



    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Ibu

     puisi ibu

    Reflecting on the Mother


    O mother...

    You're no longer young.

    But I haven't been able to help, either.


    O mother...

    Are you not as nimble as you used to be?

    When taking care of me and my father


    O mother...

    You're still acting strong.

    Even age has gnawed at you


    O mother...

    Your tongue carries the message of life

    And slap me on the face of my stupidity.


    O mother...

    There's no right word to draw you.

    You're the most beautiful gift of my life.


    The Most Beautiful Thing


    You smile hide the wound

    Suffering from the ordeal of the day and night that hit

    Don't waver your steps to live with me.

    Give your best, to a hope


    You keep fighting for the family.

    Relentless even though it looks good

    I remember that moment.

    But you keep me strong.

    To keep going forward


    You never said it.

    It's just silence when emotions come.

    I love my mom.

    It doesn't matter what people say.

    Don't want to lose him

    Because mom is,

    The most beautiful thing in my life


    True Hero


    It's been a great journey.

    to educate, care for, and protect me

    The sense of shame is endless, it continues to be there

    His struggles made me strong over the world.

    But the great struggle, the mental pain also whacks


    I intend the rest of my time and life to be devoted.

    Because mom is the most important thing in my life.

    The role of raising me is nothing compared to nature.

    He is the real hero of the life of the world


    Dear Mother...

    I can't possibly pay back.

    Only God is able to retaliate

    With the afterlife heaven full of peace love


    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Sahabat

     puisi sahabat

    Lasting Memories


    Back then, we shared with each other

    Share jokes and laughter in dreams

    Walking together wading through life

    No matter the talk or the cacian


    Now, it's all gone

    Struck by the time

    Can only remember wishful thinking


    Beautiful moment of life's journey

    With friends never dim


    Even though it's far away

    Not that we forget

    I leave prayers every night

    To my eternal best friend


    Best Friend


    True friends are like shadows of themselves

    There's always a light coming

    Stay present despite the dark night


    There's always cricket in every friendship.

    It doesn't make a reason to stay away

    Because we are best friends

    Holding tight will never rust

    Because true friends will never hate

    There's always every moment in prayer.


    Beautiful Memory


    When silence greets

    The present vacuum carries a meaning

    No one wants to come close.

    When we're falling down it's quiet.


    Friends are just friends

    They come and go

    At will without wanting to understand


    Not for friends

    They don't care about the conditions.

    There's always a loyal following


    Even if you stay close

    I hope you're all okay.

    I want to feel like I'm coming there.

    Chat again as it always is


    There's always Room for Friends


    It doesn't feel like time has gone far.

    We've done a lot of things.

    But I don't think anything has changed.

    Just like the first time we met


    When others are busy wearing world masks

    You stay what you are without pretending

    It's funny that we can still stay together.

    But others have gone nowhere.


    You're still you.

    My true best friend

    Occupying the space of my life

    And I'll never forget that.


    Forget the Differences


    O my best friend...

    There are many differences between us

    But don't make it a problem

    Whatever the test of the problem

    We still have to stay together.


    Different thoughts are natural

    Clashing egos is commonplace

    Don't make it a block away.

    Because it's just the vacuum we get.


    Let's forgive each other

    Forget every difference in thinking

    Not to judge

    But to share with each other again


    Make all this a lesson

    To answer each challenge

    Forget for a moment the difference

    Let's put your hands together

    Moving forward with dreams


    Always Carry a Message


    I think being quiet is a real friend.

    But you're here to break that notion.

    Comes with a plain face as it is

    Give an idea of a world


    Empty and quiet is just part of the process

    Find a true friend who truly understands

    Unlike those who come then will leave

    Beautiful as a rainbow, but pseudo-meaningless


    Although it's not always by my side

    But every time you're present

    Always carry a message

    The message of the importance of a conviction

    In the face of an increasingly obsolete world


     puisi guru

    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Guru


    Teaching A Meaning


    Time doesn't feel like it's passing fast

    Age always moves forward,

    No matter whether we're ready or not


    There are many stories of the world's oceans

    So many travel obstacles encountered

    Everything can be passed with a real science supply


    There's no way I can go this far.

    Without a teacher accompanying my days

    He taught me about a meaning.


    The world is constantly changing all the time

    We can't just go through it ourselves.

    Need knowledge in supplies

    As lanterns on the earth are engulfed in darkness




    The Memories


    Vigorous walking

    Even though it's only armed with old clothes

    He remains the story of the welcoming day

    No compulsion to pursue material

    Tens of kilos he went through to deliver a dream

    A dream he spread to all of us

    About change as well as the future

    There are many stories on the way

    He's all going through it without the feeling of dusk saying hello to the day.

    He's no longer young.

    But his teaching spirit still exists

    We're all not going to be like this.

    Without the delivery man's dream

    The sleepy happy is full of meaning



    Just Want to Be Happy


    There's no way I'm going to get this far.

    Without your guidance

    The fruit of your patience taught me

    Now I take it and I enjoy it.

    You're just staying in the same place.

    A simple place away from the frenetic world


    I ask in my heart

    What about the science he has?

    He didn't embrace the world,

    Go wandering over the vast sky


    It's all he gives you for free.

    Without a pure price benchmark teach just that

    I dare you to ask him directly.

    But only a short answer I got

    "I just want to be happy..."


    Beautiful Memory 

    Every day goes on and on

    Pursuing the future, hopeful ideals

    The teacher brought a lantern of science

    Become a road mapr against every obstacle

    With patience I understand the meaning of sincerity

    With persistence I understand the meaning of struggle

    All that I got from you, my true teacher.

    Hope everything's okay,

    I want to see you someday.

    May fate make it all happen....


    Agent Of Change


    Dark world covered in black clouds

    You came to be a light.

    Bring air conditioning dew

    Warm up every day cheer yourself up

    True heroes of the future

    It's constantly there and it's needed all the time

    Their sacrifices are not worth it.

    With what they give

    Easy to forget indeed

    It's hard to find a meaning

    You're a true hero.

    The future modifier, the agent of change


    Thank You


    You give light to the darkness of the world.

    You give me a cool middle of the day that's late.

    Thank you for all the time and sacrifice

    I'll never forget all your services.

    Dozens of obstacles I've been through

    With millions of storms and also small gravel approaching

    All I can get through is what I have.

    A broad knowledge you give

    Become a compass in the middle of a vast desert

    Thank you, my beloved teachers...



    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Sekolah

     puisi sekolah

    My School Friends


    It doesn't feel

    It's time we were no longer together.

    Time will take us to forget each other

    Tell a new story, which might be more beautiful


    You'll be there.

    I was there.

    We'll be the same.

    Get a new place to forget each other


    I'm willing,

    If you forget me

    But I hope

    Without me, you're still chasing your minds.


    Good luck always with me

    My school friends

    My friends are studying.

    May blessings always be your step-by-step companion


    Let's Learn


    There's still plenty of time to learn

    There's still plenty of time to catch up

    It's okay if today your grades are still not perfect

    There's still tomorrow to perfect it.


    Don't hesitate

    Let's keep going to school

    Don't complain

    Let's keep together fighting to get a beautiful future


    I will always pray

    So that the knowledge we get is always a blessing

    I'll always pray

    For all of us to be useful people

    For countries


    Nusa and the nation




    Open your book.

    Read the contents

    Understand what it means

    Apply to live in the world


    Books are the window of the world

    It's not wrong, mom, the teacher gave it.

    As a sword for the nation's children

    Achieving dreams and minds


    I always remember the message.

    So as not to forget to always read it

    I learned from him.

    Book, you're the eye-opener of our hearts

    Thank you, I'm good at it.


    Places to Share Things



    You're the place to share your taste.

    Even if you're silent

    But that doesn't mean you're mute.



    You're where I tell the story.

    Where I scratch the pen

    My place represents a million words.


    Without you noticing,

    You're my place to share your taste.

    My place depicts beauty

    My place pours out pain.



    You taught me the meaning of life.

    I don't deserve this life.

    Without you on the side


    There's no way I'm going through this life.

    If you don't accompany

    Because you are

    I could be this good.



    I thank you.


    Message from The Teacher


    With a stat

    You came to build a country.


    You're pedaling that old bike.

    Even as you get older, the older you get

    You stay together.

    My members learned to conquer the world


    I didn't live up to your expectations.

    Sometimes I'm negligent.

    I forgot about my job.

    When playing is becoming my world

    However, you never forget

    To always remind me

    That my future

    It won't change without effort


    All that in the end

    Become my weapon to race

    Crushing lazy taste

    Fighting ignorance


    I'm going to get up.

    I'm going to fight.

    To be hopeful as hope

    For the young generation later


    My school


    My school

    You're a beautiful place.

    You are heaven

    My place of study


    My school

    You're where I'm going to go to education.

    You're a special place.

    Be a place that anyone admires too


    My school

    You hope nusa and the nation

    For the younger generation to grow

    Far from the dwarfy of thinking

    Far from the lazy sense and gloom of the future


    My school,

    You're where I pursue dreams.

    You are my world reaching for my mind and wishful thinking

    Achieving my childhood dream

    Be successful always,

    My best school


    Me and the Bench


    Hi friends,

    What's up?

    I want us to always be friends.

    At any time

    So I'm excited to learn


    Sometimes I'm wrong.

    Sometimes I forget

    That you also have a sense of

    I'm just indifferent.


    When the break bell rings

    I'm indifferent to your seduction.

    When the bell came home bordering school

    I'll just leave you alone.


    I'm sorry!

    I promise,

    If you're not angry

    I'll always try to get us together.

    I'll always try to learn even better.

    So that someday

    You're proud.


    My Pen


    Your name is pen

    I'm tying the science to you.

    I wrote a history story with you.

    Two, on top of the books


    Your name is pen

    I'm in love with you.

    I studied with you.

    Accompany prayer and effort with your form


    Your name is pen

    You've always been my best friend at school.

    You've always been a friend when I've tried

    You've always been a teacher when I'm hard.



    Your name is pen

    School story smells of heaven

    You're where I carved it.


    Beloved my pen

    With you my life is nobler

    Be my friend always

    Finding knowledge for the well-being of the world

     puisi senja

    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Senja


    Dusk To Dawn


    Daytime Devouring Night

    The Twilight Becomes the Differentiation

    Between Meet And Farewell


    Night brings the coldest hours

    So cold that the light fades

    The sun is already asleep at dusk

    Changing moons and shining stars


    When the night comes, the moon is the ruler

    But when the dawn comes

    The moon no longer appears to be in power

    Turn into a bright, smoldering light


    Life is just like the rolling of time

    There is twilight and dawn continues to go hand in hand

    Constantly changing and changing

    Nothing final other than change


    When Dusk Comes


    From dusk to dawn

    The sun rises and then sets at dusk

    Every day there are always likes and sorrows

    Time passes, welcoming the coming birth,

    Death also goes hand in hand until the realm of resurrection


    When dusk comes

    I started rushing home.

    By bringing memories

    About a tiring day


    When dusk comes

    I feel about dreams

    That hasn't been until it's still trying

    Slowly step by step


    When dusk comes

    It's a sign that it's coming.

    Bring silence in every quiet night


    When dusk comes

    A new day begins for some

    Through a long night

    Until dawn comes separating


    I sat pensy staring at dusk

    Time always spins the same,

    But the life that is lived every day,

    It just feels different, moving forward.


    Always The Same


    Looks always the same

    Sometimes dusk rises,

    Sometimes he goes down.

    all dependent

    Where we stand staring at him.

    Rising or sinking rays

    Dark life turns bright

    Likewise, a beautiful day will turn dark

    It's up to us to deal with it.


    I don't know where we are,

    On the east or west side

    It's all the same over and over again.

    Until we realize that,

    Life about repetition

    Until we realize what we were created for


    In the middle of dusk


    In the rainy season we lie down

    Fooled into a beautiful world of gems

    Rest your eyes in the middle of dusk

    Wrapped in dreams of a happy life


    Nearing the end of the year there is always a moment

    For a deep contemplation next year

    Scattered in a sea of dreams,

    Turning around in the middle of dusk


    The easiest thought,

    Is living life as it is

    Until dusk comes enveloping the day

    Hiding in the dark of a sleepy night


    Morning is coming

    Night blowing

    Sunrise light

    Exorcise the moon at night


    All nightmares will one day be gone

    Will change happy and cheerful

    Until we'll all be back,

    In the middle of dusk stare at the darkness of the night


    Puisi B.Inggris Tentang Alam

     nature poem

    1. Green Nature


    Green hills covered

    Inside the robe of sparkling dew droplets

    Like a gem thrown between the greens

    Shimmering in the warm sun

    As soft as pearls from the ocean

    Hidden in the sea-covered underground

    Green pastures

    Full of dancing flowers

    Kissed by sunlight

    And fascinated by the Moon

    Green leaves

    To make iced tea

    It cooled us down in the summer

    And green mint leaves

    Fresh from the garden

    To make iced mint tea

    Green leaves

    On the tree

    Like a fan

    Cool me down.

    When the wind blows

    Green tree

    Birds fly home the fun

    Where they can build the nest

    The green stems on the flowers are sweet

    And green thorn bushes

    Green bush

    Planted here and there

    Green fern

    Dancing by the river

    Paint a poetic picture

    Moss Green Hunter

    Filling the Forest with beauty

    Green palm trees

    Stand proudly

    Tropical islands

    Lined up as far as the eye can see

    All Covered in green grass

    I love this, it's really green radiant

    My world is full of natural beautiful colors


    2. Everything Is Green


    Who dyes the trees green?

    Who dyes the grass green?

    Who dyes the hills green?

    What about my green spider plant? ?

    Green, Green, you're very green...

    Beautiful abundance of green,

    not colored, but just natural and friendly.

    Makes me wonder,

    how God's green creation come to life.

    Take a helicopter ride through the Forest,

    It was raining heavily and saw nothing,

    except acres of green which is very beautiful!

    Green, Green, you're very green...

    Beautiful abundance of green,

    not colored, but just natural and friendly.

    Makes me wonder,

    how God's green creation is so alive.


    3. The Beauty of the Tree


    Could there be anything more beautiful

    Than the beauty of the tree?

    The leaves are shimmering in the wind,

    Dance gracefully.

    Its strong root strength

    It grows deep in the earth.

    He goes through every storm.

    For everything he's been told.

    Stand tall, tough

    With the branch raised high,

    He refuses to bend,

    to rest or bend

    But he soared into the sky.

    The beauty of power inside

    When he raised his head a height.

    A strong and resilient soul

    Grow wings and learn to fly.



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