A Poem For Lovers : Poems About Missing Someone

    This is my poetry about missing someone that we love, and this is one of my favorite. I write this lovepoems for the one that really touched my heart before. I'm not sad we break up, it's just the memory still inside my head, and I try to release it with write down this lov poem


    i miss you poem

    I Miss You Poems


    1. We Are One


    Gazing at the beautiful grey sky

    It's like a beautiful face in my eyes.

    A little longing is now an opiate

    Oh my love,

    Is there a longing in your heart?

    Love, isn't this enough for you?


    Don't you feel my heartbeat?

    The rhythm of every breath I breathe

    Even the rush of my bloodstream?

    Everyone mentions your name; in my heart


    Dear my love,

    Your chants are so beautiful

    Pervasive into the soul

    Make yourself glued to the shutter

    Feeling peerless happiness


    It occurred to me for a moment.

    When you're no longer there for me

    What's my life going to be like?


    Oh my love,

    So am I.

    When you're not next to me

    The world is no longer as sweet as honey

    Really, how lucky I am

    Can hold your heart


    My love, believe me we are one

    For me and you are in complete love

    Inseparable by distance and time


    2. About Feelings


    At night your figure continues to shadow me

    I've got a picture of your face on my face.

    You, the owner of a thin smile

    With the red hue of your cheeks managed to captivate me

    As well as the sharp gaze that calms my heart


    You're the smile-tieer.

    Your charm sparked my andrenalin.

    To dare to say that

    I admire you.


    However, my tongue feels stiff

    The feeling of fear always reaches me.

    Will you ignore me?

    Or have the same taste as me?


    I don't know if my admiration is a sign of love.

    Because the night always casts your shadow.

    Knocking on my conscious nervous door

    To have the ability to reveal

    That I Love You


    3. Don't Go


    There's always you in my every night.

    All my imaginations are on you.

    Until I get carried away feeling a lot deeper

    Don't you leave for a second.

    You're like an opiate that keeps roaring.

    Let me be hurt as long as you're happy.



    Poem About Missing Someone


    1. About us


    That morning

    You still say hello,

    be normal

    ask about the air

    and a plumber at the end of the intersection


    the following days

    Again you missed breakfast,

    warm chat lunch,

    then disappeared at dinner


    until the date is changed

    I forgot how many years.

    Because I'm no longer trying

    I'm there and you're still there.

    But we've been missing for a long time.


    2. Write a story


    The easiest way to forget about you is

    by writing them all down


    And I'm fully aware

    that writing you down will pull out

    all the memories in my mind

    which I didn't actually forcibly pull.

    because when my finger touches the keyboard

    memories just flow from the corner of the eye

    red wet

    and drowned me in longing

    which is not a


    And I'm fully aware.

    later this story will fade away



    3. Cut


    every time you fall in love

    Then I only give half of my heart

    and keep half of it as a backup

    so that when love falls, my heart is not broken


    And then I fell in love with you.

    but I forgot

    to cut my heart first

    Intact gives you one

    then hope anxiously

    You can keep him in that distant land.



    4. I want to scream


    If only when I screamed, you'd turn around.

    Then I will scream loudly.

    If I need to borrow a neighbor's toa

    then wait at the end of the road

    The place you usually pass by

    and shamelessly I will shout again


    I LOVE YOU!!


    Then wait for your reaction.

    Are you blushing?

    Or even slap me.


    But it's been two months.

    the streets became very quiet

    since the last incident


    If only when I screamed, you'd turn around.

    Then I will scream loudly.

    If I need to borrow a neighbor's toa

    And maybe I can stop that fucking car.

    so as not to hit your body


    yes, if only when I screamed as loudly as I could.

    And you turned around.

    I'll tell you what.


    I MISS YOU!!




    5. Death Come


    I still insist on continuing to write

    because the memory is everywhere

    stick firmly like resin mixed catalysts

    It's impossible to separate them.


    Morning when I brew coffee

    You immediately appear sitting on a wooden chair

    with the notebook as usual

    bitter coffee and a plate of rangi cake

    then protested

    more sugar than usual

    And I just laughed.

    It's my morning routine.

    And snag me into your breakfast.


    No, you're not a chatty guy.

    But you're incarnated as a health inspector.

    which resets all meal schedules

    Because death is waiting for me.

    be healthy or become very weak

    it all depends on our efforts.


    But that day of death seems to be betraying us.

    I'm the one sentenced not to twenty weeks.

    instead sit in a row and attend your funeral

    sowing flowers and waving

    Go home that you don't already have.


    then death pretended to forget me

    And let me live for weeks.

    to keep writing stories about you

    there is little doubt,

    When you linger up the prayer

    Are you negotiating death?

    For the possibility of us swapping places?


    I Miss You So Much Poems

     missing someone

    1. That Discussion


    what hurts from a breakup

    Anyway we can still meet, can still look at each other

    separation can be very beautiful

    Because we're going to miss each other.

    my sahut at that time,

    when we talk about the possibility of splitting up


    for parting ways,

    Because we feel like we've lost our sense

    and maybe when it's no longer both

    There's going to be a taste, I don't know.

    That's your explanation.


    and finally I know

    a sense of what awaits from a farewell

    when looking at the milky white envelope

    containing your wedding invitation

    Whereas the breakup was only last week



    2. Unreply Email


    reread our email

    i sent the first time

    who talks about work

    no gray sentences

    until now, email continues until late


    Whereas you read clearly

    when I have asked many times

    And you patiently retaliated.

    explain what should have been clear


    like not going to split up

    Because we can no longer talk.

    ordinary things


    then only a limited number of emails

    longing for us to be clearly read



    3. I said I missed


    You asked me to remember you.

    as the most beautiful

    I think it's been a long time.

    You prepare for our farewell.

    and leave some song titles for me to hear


    Maybe you never knew.

    I often replay our conversations in my mind.

    And only one song made me incapable.

    hear it make my chest vibrate

    by longing for your voice

    Really, I miss



    4. Help me


    I remember you.

    with a blocked throat

    because it's impossible

    Just throw away all the misses

    not after a few years together


    Even your hair smells

    Still left on that pillow

    and a warm kiss before I leave

    I miss you.


    If only I could pin it

    Don't visit me first.

    Help me until your memories pass.



    5. Longing All The Time


    Pensible in daydream longing

    Remembering every past story

    That's so beautiful to feel,

    Deep and so scarred

    And it continues to haunt

    At every step of the sun

    It's impossible to avoid

    It's impossible to forget.

    It's all happened to be a memory.

    A fond memory of the past

    Which I remember all the time....


    6. Waiting for Dusk


    Daydreaming in the twilight

    Remembered by a name

    What keeps in mind

    Make yourself focused only on him

    Every day I wait for dusk

    Seeing the beauty of the love of the universe

    No regrets in the breakup

    It all just happened,

    Leaving good memories

    Which I remember all the time.


    I Miss You Poems For My Girlfriend

    i miss you poem short 

    1. So Special To Me


    This mouth is too stiff

    To express a sense of

    missing someone


    These eyes are too embarrassed

    To look at each other

    I don't have the power to say,

    I don't have the power to see.


    This heart is too weak

    To feel the power of love

    Who continues to shake the soul


    Every time we meet

    I feel like I'm going to say hello right away.

    But my mouth is locked.

    Shame on the beauty in front of me


    Every time you say

    I'm silent.

    Busy hearing your voice,

    The melodious brings longing


    2. In My Silence


    The first time we met

    Like nothing special.

    Just a few words.

    It doesn't carry a meaning,

    I don't think too far either.

    Just trying to digest

    How this love grows


    The further we walk

    The more I feel comfortable

    The more we talk

    The growing love for you


    Love comes the usual way

    But slowly growing up

    Makes me feel awkward

    To express feelings


    I don't want our friendship.

    Being stretched away

    Just because I'm in love

    I'm better off discarding this.

    In order to stay together,

    Even if you don't feel the same way...

    waiting someone


    3. Longing for the Hunt


    The night breeze is quiet

    Under the moonlight,

    The musings of the night pass through the rush

    That beautiful memory has passed

    Even so, I keep it going.

    I don't want to forget.

    I don't want to let go of those memories.


    Even though you're far away.

    I remain hopeful in prayer

    You're back here.


    Maybe I didn't have time.

    Maybe I didn't dare.

    To express the taste


    But now,

    I'm stuck in tightness,

    in the longing that continues to hunt


    4. Keep Trying There


    There is a line between best friend and friend

    What I don't want to break down is just that.

    But I have no power to hold back.


    Somehow I had to dodge.

    This feeling of love grows slowly

    At first I was tormented uncomfortably.


    But to me,

    Friendship is much more important

    Compared to feelings of personal ego


    My love may not be spoken

    It can be hard to catch.

    But I'm trying to keep going.

    Even though you've been there a long way...



    Short Love Poems


    Short Love Poems


    1. Love Poems: The Meaning of Your Presence


    If the presence of dew feels cool and brewing

    Your presence is much more refreshing

    If the sun is present illuminating the earth

    Your presence is just a ray of my heart.


    You're like air.

    Like a gust of wind,

    the shadows of the universe

    Your move overshadows my step.

    My steps are always with you.


    I don't know how.

    What life is like

    If you don't exist

    Maybe, it's all gone.

    Everything will be destroyed


    Not because it's beautiful.

    Instead, because of the meaning of your presence

    Who became friends in my life


    2. Love Poems: Only You


    Beautiful look you

    Charming and enchanting


    With noble manners


    Your charm is beautiful.

    You're the jewel of the world.

    If you look at me

    My heart is no longer restless

    When you look at me

    My world is getting better.


    Do you know?

    Last night just didn't meet

    My heart feels so longing


    Your smile is like a moon.

    Shining bright in the darkness

    Present you like a star

    Time can't afford to take you to the lecturing.


    At any time,

    Until death separates

    Nothing will change.

    My love will never go away


    3. Love Poems: Miss You


    You're a long way off.

    I know that.

    You're the person I need.

    You don't know that.


    Now I'm trying to stop my lap.

    Take your shadow out of my mind.

    Start making friends and tolerate the time

    Waiting for you, even if you're not pure in front of me.


    I don't want to get shackled.

    Maybe it's all my ego.

    Admire you.

    Want you, it's by my side.

    Without wanting to know

    Or understand the distance and time


    You should know.

    I never expected it.

    My heart is getting different now.

    Against you


    Do you feel the same?

    Or, this tastes like mine?

    If it's the same, come here!

    If I think so, I beg the taste

    Just stop!

    Me, love you

    Without you knowing


    4. Love Poems: You Mean So Much


    Beautiful face you become a decorator of the day

    Your sweet smile is heartbreaking.

    Day after day, it feels quieter

    If your laughter doesn't come with you


    My love,

    You're the only one who means it.

    Stay a sedative

    Because to me, you mean a lot.



    Never intend to leave

    If you have to go,

    I hope, come back soon.


    If anything happens

    No hate

    Stay here.

    Accompany, keep the real heart I have the key


    5. I Love You


    When I first saw you

    I'm in love with you.

    It's not about your paras.

    But the meaning of your presence

    Makes me really miss


    Actually, I love you so much.

    However, there is little fear in my mind.

    The more I love you

    The more I'm afraid, to lose you


    Could you know?

    This love is the pain I take care of.

    There's nothing in my mind.

    To hurt you.


    Understand your feelings

    I miss

    I love you.


    And for no reason...


    6. Open a New Sheet


    There's a lot of faces passing by.

    It's all unsused, gone.

    This taste grows slowly,

    in a simple way continues to cling to


    Let's open a new sheet together.

    Close past

    As part of the process

    Towards our pledge of common promise


    Short Romantic Poems


    Small notes


    For you

    who provided with me

    Walk quietly by my side

    Whisper slowly in my ear


    wind, rain, storms though

    Let me go of my grip.





    You know what?

    That day I cried.

    like a child who lost his

    After taking you to the cemetery





    This journey we start

    with a joke

    then we exchange flavors


    don't say promises alone

    because we only need to check

    Do you have the same wounds and my wounds?

    Until we can wrap each other up.



    It was raining that afternoon.


    I miss talking over and over again.

    about the rain that afternoon

    rain that makes you feel good

    for making your shoes wet


    I love seeing you in the rain.

    your curls, look nice

    and blue lips

    then we scramble to get into the porch of the house;

    Wet shoes make you entangle


    You laugh; I'm captive.



    That snow season


    We freeze,

    in turnaround time


    pretend amnesia

    and forget all

    say hello, joke

    also taste,


    Was it, we ever were?





    Looks like he cursed me,

    become an antagonist

    Then I played that role.

    In his mind as best I can


    What I have today

    Then let me be selfish

    Be mine for a day only

    Because tomorrow, you're back with him.





    Miss this,

    like unsubjected

    Have you ever been there?


    for reasons such as

    some are left behind,

    echoing in the corner of the eye



    About Rain


    It's raining on the red roof.

    white flower tell story

    Rose Red Joking

    happy wooden twigs


    two pairs of slippers remaining

    pensible in the corner of the homepage

    I'm hurting.

    You're gone.



    About Drizzle


    drizzle in the afternoon is even more beautiful

    even though the sun is hiding

    endless birds singing

    As you jump in and out of here


    I'm walking cautiously.


    the puddles have been passed

    and memories approach



    Unfinished Word


    like a never-finished writing

    Because I don't want to be finished.


    I still want to type

    rows of burly sentences

    What I'm pinning for you

    Because I want you to know.

    My feeling on you never knew time



    Weather forecast


    The weather never told me again.

    is autumn

    or has it been snowy

    until I doubt


    this cold,

    Because of the weather

    Or are you the one who's gone?



    Worry kiss


    You're misuh-misuh...

    accuse me of being weary

    Even though I'm holding back the longing

    so we don't have an affair.


    Here, sit down first...

    don't be rowdy

    Just kiss it to doubt

    We're all sobbing.



    Barista at cafe end


    Left corner, on the blue bench

    among robusta fragrances that radiate gently

    I'm sitting watching you.

    the passer-by

    I didn't let go.


    Because I'm worried

    Don't you put down a spoonful of opium.

    Every time I make my ordered coffee


    You know what?

    I've been longing lately.

    Either caffeine or that smile?



    Long bamboo chair


    Do you remember?

    The first time we

    long bamboo chair under the roof

    we continue the story


    But I can't remember.

    what we're discussing

    whether about the air

    Or the content of the news?


    When you whisper,

    my heart squeals,


    I love it!



    Morning in Semeru


    This morning in ranu kumbolo valley niche

    Shivering daisy petals

    to make a run for the water in between the gelagah;

    waiting for the water fairies to arrange dew grains,

    grass is still tightly hugging

    sharing warm with jembalang forest


    And you're right there,


    in the embrace of fog; air seep

    You sow a smile; the sun is awake; I was stunned.





    I'll take you to the spot.

    where edelweiss spreads

    its grayish-white stems

    growing between the rocks


    from the literature I found

    They say edelweiss the eternal flower

    but protected

    You can't pick and you're collecting.


    If only you knew

    edelweiss growing in my heart

    much more timeless

    And may you pick many times



    Stories with butterflies


    butterfly that kisses its beloved flower


    so as not to hurt

    and cheerful flowers

    laugh glad when the butterfly comes


    in each flowering season

    They're kidding.

    Dancing Together

    breaks down flying in the air

    in deep forest harvesting with joy


    every morning

    We sat together watching it.

    fairy powder they sprinkle

    over our heads



    Choice of Hearts


    Hey dear,

    How do I convince you?


    I'm going to stop going on an adventure.

    hanging an obsolete backpack,

    save trekking shoes

    And sleeping bag has me packing


    the night before

    cold must be challenging

    but like I said

    I'm coming.

    Because I've chosen to

    in your spacious heart



    Tormented fall


    I could have fallen in love

    on the same subject

    for a long time


    Your fingers tell the story.

    I'm in love.

    Your teeth line up neatly

    I'm in love.

    Your eyes are riveting spoiled

    I'm in love.

    Fragrant your body tease

    I'm in love.


    As long as you're there

    I was tormented.

    tortured peerless love





    My heart feels dusty

    skinny dry due to longing

    I checked the date on the wall.

    I don't know anymore.

    Is it Monday or Wednesday?


    How many days have we been separated?

    A Month?

    A Year?

    Or has it passed?


    An incoming message to my phone

    We'll see you in an hour.


    And I got a fever.

    as a result of withstanding longing

    Hurry up!

    If you don't show up in an hour.

    Maybe you'll make a pilgrimage.

    on the tomb





    It's nine o'clock.

    You haven't been seen yet.

    and my eyes walked

    from room to room


    If you don't come

    I didn't finish my job.

    Because I've been sprouts.

    on the curves of your smile

    That you secretly smuggled

    under the table

    When you turn over the work records






    I really miss

    vibrate phone is gray

    Because it's just there

    I heard your voice crisp.



    I really miss

    vibrate phone is gray

    Because it's just there

    I met my true love.




    Hurry up and call me.





    Mondays and Wednesdays

    We meet

    only an hour

    our schedules side by side


    Where's enough?

    The longing I keep.

    it's not going to last a month.

    even though we meet every hour


    Maybe I should resign

    and apply to be your assistant.

    so I can go to the side at all times

     miss you

    Short I Love You Poems


    1. Hope


    Staring at the beautiful sky with you

    The future is reflected in hope

    Longing always presents an opiate

    For two hearts that have been fused together


    The feeling of the day grows

    Understanding each other doesn't hate each other

    Towards the sacred promise of two hearts

    Bonding without any thick

    In eternal love and affection


    2. Message of True Love


    The world is constantly changing

    Spinning according to the time

    Present erratic pilu


    Your presence means a lot.

    Forget the past staring at the future

    The world is eternally in change

    My love for you will never change.


    True love will never die

    Pseudo love only gives you a taste of pilu

    Never betray true love

    Because life will feel meaningless


    3. Delete Memories


    Longing feels roaring

    Sincere feelings are only reciprocated mode

    Expectations evaporate high

    Shared lies of promise denied


    Step up to forget the past

    It's hard to deal with life

    Accompanied by the shadow of the former love

    New love is always beautifully felt

    Blowing the darkness of the heart

    Forget all hatred and vengeance

    True love sometimes comes with struggles

    Not expecting on wishful thinking on the promise of talk


    4. Breath of Life


    Love is the breath of the natural world

    Without him there would be no life

    Feels hollow meaningless


    It's about honesty

    It's about love and compassion

    Understanding each other is not mutual.


    That's love exists but there is nothing

    Intangibles can only be felt

    By every human being who seeks happiness


    Short Sweet Love Poems


    1. Two Hearts


    What we've been through

    Full of passion

    Love just flows.

    Differences are not inhibition

    To unite two hearts

    The love of each other permeates immortality


    2. Daydreaming Longing


    Moon night with me

    With the bright star

    Illuminating my arid heart

    My love is far away,

    Taking a break at dusk

    I'm here waiting for you to come home.

    Unstoppable longing

    I want to get you right away.


    3. It's A Long Way To Go


    We're going through a lot of oceans.

    Hit by a wave together

    But we remain intact.

    Getting stronger every day

    It's nearing time for us to come together.

    Engraving the pledge of the promise of the heart, as alive as death


    4. The Meaning of Your Presence


    The most beautiful gift of my life

    Is to meet you


    This taste continues to grow slowly

    I can't prevent it.

    Let this love flow fast

    Growing up,

    In an arid heart

    The meaning of your presence is truly meaningful.

    Make my day full of happy light


    5. I Feel Happy


    The sun is bright in my day.

    Tired red dusk

    Changing quiet nights of cold silence

    I'm still there even though you're far away.

    Waiting for you to be faithful here is relentless

    Because all I want to do is you.

    My sun that always lights up my day

    Full on every cold night

    You're everything that makes me happy all the time.

    Even though I had to wait a thousand years

    I'll do that,

    Because I feel happy with you.


    6. Travel the World Together


    Fake Love brings wounds to the heart

    Only mortal mirages

    It doesn't bring happiness even for a moment.


    Love from you sincerely

    Although the way is very simple

    But it's made me helpless.


    When you're present in my life

    I feel the meaning of happiness.

    I feel the meaning of love.


    We're still a long way off.

    But the two hearts that have been united

    Ready to dock through the blue sea

    We'll go over the ocean, explore the world.


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    I Miss You Poem Picture Ideas

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone

    Poems About Missing Someone