My Political Poem: Moment Of Reflections

We live nowadays in a world of deception. Yes, we have freedom, but if we look deeper again, we can realize that all of the people are being chained by the system. We don’t have many things to take, only a few options or maybe there is no other option except to follow the system. My collection poem right now will express about things happen nowadays in our life. Let’s take a look at the poem below.

My Political Poem Meaningful

look for the truth

1. Prison of Mind

Knowledge is the key to change
Science will lead us to the next level of life
Create a great system that follows by us
Manage the freedom according to the system will
It is nice to see that,
but the truth buried below that

People try to critics the system
But they are being labeled as an enemy of the state
Without wanting to know about the message
They keep pushing their own belief system

Some people not realize
The system covers themselves perfectly
Only those who are searching for the truth
Know about their scheme

Everything in our life is made for their security
For their throne, so they can stand up the top forever
They control everything,
Even our way of thinking

They said ...
"We are the chosen one"
"We give hope in nothing"
"And we are the holy of the holies"

In this era think linear is a must
Generalization becomes a life culture
Good in logic also in rhetoric
But short in mind and soul

The truth must be shut down
Put our mind far away from the truth
Control everything we see
To keep their hegemony
People no longer care about struggle
They design to be pragmatic
The movement will die slowly
All we remember is about their propaganda
Trapped in the middle of the media drama

We can think big
We can think creative and innovative
But we can’t think about the truth
The truth that seeks behind the curtain
They will shut our mind by all mean

2. He is the Leader!

Our head being poisoned
By their propaganda
That keeps repeating every day
The mind is being controlled,
Don’t expect about true peace
The sound of the truth drowning away
People will walk and sway

The leader always right
He can’t be wrong
His speech is holy
He never do things wrong
Always right, and we must believe that

Media can’t be wrong,
If you think they are a liar
Then you are against the freedom of speech
They can do want they want to our mind
Direct from behind, to control us
They are the holy of holies
The true leader above all

girl thinking

3. Let’s Wake Up

The king treats us like a toy
They control every single living things
They give us a chance to grow,
To suck more things that will flow

When someone tries to seek the truth
The face huge block of wall
Covers by the great system to make things secure
It’s not about freedom or lives free
It’s about seeking the truth

The truth that is being buried long time ago
The king doesn’t want to know
It can harm their throne
It can bring chaos to their own

4. Most difficult words to say

From the back of the curtain
They control us, dictate us
Even the parliament is controlled by them
So, we can see short of hope
So, we can look at things more fair
But it wasn’t at all
It just designs to maintain the hegemony

The authorities never wrong
Even when they break their promise
Because they won, they can do everything they want

The Devil is cursed
Because of three denials:
"I'm better than him ..."
"I'm better tested than him ..."
"I'm more obedient than him ..."

There's always a reason for defiance
There is always a justification for a mistake
The word sorry is the most difficult word to say
By those who are looking for popularity

5. We Are Sick

Come with the hope of change
Each layer is visited in modesty
Everyone blend in the same imagination
So life will be improved in a better way

In fact, all of that is just pseudo
It was the setting of the media
To raise their rating
So, they put the pleasure thing
And put the hidden agenda nicely
That’s what they want

The people can only bow down
Our trust replied by their lie
We are tired of what they said
We are sick to see their propaganda
We want justice and peace
But it cant be happen
While they still on their throne

Okay, guys, that’s all my poem right now, but I will try to write some other political poem later. So, don’t forget to subscribe and follow my social media on the contact menu, and I hope my poem can inspire us to wake up and try to find the truth in our life…

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