6 Collection of My Political Poem Short

Political Poem is one way to express our feeling about things that happen in the world today. Through the collection of political Poems below, I try to express my own feeling about politics and I hope you can get the message from my poem below…

Political Poem Short

sunset girl

1. Put Hand Together 

The opposition is busy bullying
The incumbent try to defending
People are fed up speech protest
Persecution is everywhere and getting worse

Face the difference with grace
Accept the differences boldly
Let's try to synergy ideas
Discard our jealousy
That flow in our vein and heart

Solve problems wisely
Face challenges full of joy
Invite friends and foes unconditionally
Build a country by peace and happiness

2. We Will

We will help you, not to use you
We will represent you, not to betray you
We will stand by you, not backstabbing you
We will punish corruptor, not take part in corruption
When someone promise, there is also a denial
When there is a coalition and there is also opposition
People only become spectators
By the systems that support the oligarchy

3. New Hope

What can I say about freedom?
Actions lead to equality, both in acting and in thinking
Or is it an equivalent for a handful of groups?
The old system is still in place today
Waiting for freedom is still a puzzle

Presidential elections always have various sides
Sometimes it leads to victory
Sometimes it erases our dignity
Is there still freedom in this world?
Or just a new style of slavery
Covers by the modern systems of technology

crowd girl

4.  Hope

There are differences in our life
No one is immune from lust and need
Democracy embraces all groups
Can end up united or divided

Life may not be ideal
Equality is a myth now
Freedom is just an illusion
Denial is the foundation in our life today

Don't be pessimistic, don't be apathetic
No matter how small the chance is
The light of hope must keep on
Let the time and history
Open up the true destiny
To end up all of this misery

5. Change

Changes don't always come from inside
A movement from the outside often make significant changes
Choosing not to choose is also a choice
We are not apathetic or pessimistic
We are only realistic and optimistic in our own way
Build this country without having look for sensations

6. Political Reflections

What is the meaning of freedom if it still limited in opinion
What is the meaning of justice if it still allows to corrupt
What is the meaning of democracy if it still takes aside

The distance is clear
The collision is in sight
Just waiting for the awareness of the people
To Join up together gather strength to make changes
Every nation deserve a chance
To put a one big goal
True freedom of the people

That is 6 political poems short and meaningful, there is still another poem to come, just subscribe to get the latest info for the new poem later. I hope the political poem above can give us motivation or some kind of spirit to aware of the condition we live today, bye, for now, guys, see ya…

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