My Political Poem Collection Short Meaningful

Hello Poemers, my poem collection now is a little bit heavy, and its about political things in a word of poems. By the word of a poem, we can express things happen in our life, and politic is one of aspect. So, don’t waste time, let’s take a look at the collection below.

Political Poem Collection

1. Business in War

Many narrations about war today, it depends on which angle do you want to see. In the end, there is too much anomaly in our life, the fact seems so blur. Many groups of people speak about peace and harmony, but the fact is there is still war happen today.

~All people want to have peace but some people suffer by the peace~

girl eye

Business in War

Peace is just a fantasy
In the world full of hypocrisy
Blend forever in democracy
Like a rainbow after the rain
Full with colors within the deception

They speak peace but they make people suffer
They speak freedom but they chain our mind endlessly
They speak equality but in the end, it's all about quantity
Only those who seek the truth can see it
Only those who dare to look different can feel them

Trillions of dollars potential calculations
The industry happy, the people are drowning
They don’t care about humanity
They don’t care about justice and peace
They just want to have war, war, and war
Create profit on the bloodshed
They live from the blood of humanity
They live from the screams of the no man's land
They don't care about people's
They don't care about maintaining
All they want is just war, war, and war

Wherever the war happens today
There is a big profit enter the bank
This is not about peace or humanity
But purely about money and business

 2. Invisible Hands

We live in a world where the global system dominates every aspect of life, starting from technology, financial economy, and also our way of thinking. When everything is being controlled, the controller has the right to determine things in our life.

Invisible Hands

The freedom is loudly hung out
They gave independence in the name of humanity
The government don’t have real power
They must do what they say
Or be deleted, killed or grounded
It’s the age of deception
With full of prediction

The unseen hand's rules from the back of the curtain
They are invisible, can’t be touch
See the fact is more just like a fantasy movie
People can’t react, they don’t have power
The hands already controlled every single thing
By their economic system, that put all nation under their feet

When this shit happen again, again and again
People feel sick and tired
The revolution movement will emerge
Chaos will release, but we still have a choice at least

Invisible hand

3. Pseudo Democracy

They speak about differency
But silent about the real currency
They speak about equality
But they act anti-diversity
They voice about freedom
But they reject the holy rules

They just a group of selfish people
Narcissistic people,
Force us to follow him
Force us to heard him
They feel bigger than other people

Democracy is a dull concept
Looks delicious but bad for digestion
Democracy just a tool
For a powerful group of people
To gain some control of the economy

4. Neo-Colonialism

They came with a big smile
Treat us like their own brother
Provide everything we need
From infrastructure to technology
The debt increase so high
But it was justified by the name of development
Everything improved,
but it seemed pseudo down bow

They came like a hero
In a plan to make us a zero
There is no choice but to shake hands
It's better to lick the rulers of the world
It’s better pretending don’t know anything
Because they keep coming with money
Offering every single penny
It’s all by design, for everything that more to come

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