My Collection Poem Of Nature So Meaningful

Earth Gives us many things to learn and understand. When we try to come back to nature we can feel the emotion of peace and a moment of reflection in our life. So, the next thing we can be a better person with a fresh and wide open-minded individual. With these nature poems below I want to share about nature in words of poem that full meaning of life. Let’s take a look at the nature poem below…
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Nature Poem Full Of Meaning

1. Nature Poem: The Beauty Of The Beach

The beach wind so cool and fresh
Bring the energy to lift some misery
The waves hit rock hard
With rhythm, they move eternally
I meet this harmony, in my emptiness

I wish my life could be calm like this
The great moment in my life enjoy the beach
Alone, just me and the beach no one bothering
Fix my broken heart
So I can’t feel pain about the past anymore

My eyes can’t stop looking on into the water
They are spark clear under the blue sky
And the white sand surrounds me softly

Then I lay on the sand beach
Try to reach something deep on me
It’s my mind and my soul
Blend together in peace and calm harmony


2. Nature Poem: Hidden Paradise 

 Move by the light steps
 Climb a place higher
To reach the edge after
 Can’t be denied how beautiful it looks

 Green of trees seeing wide open
 Bring the calm and peace moment
 The cool air strike me fair
 Adding more sensation of life with nature

 The river waters shimmering side
 Play a nice song by nature
A cure for stress and as a medicine
 Try to blend with them
To find the rhythm of life

 When seeing the waterfall
My body can’t move
See the big water flows by the rock valley
It’s just like a fairy tale
Without anyone to tell

 Try the water near the fall
It’s so fresh and cool
The water so clean and clear
We can see the bottom
And feel the purity on it

 I spent a moment there
 Try to restart my soul
So I can back again with huge power
To move forward, step more far away
 Thanks to nature who gave me strength
To move and face my eternal pain


3. Nature Poem: The Natural Chanting

 The sky bright and blue
 The sound of nature start the day
 From the faraway forest
The wind swings into wild moving
 Touch everything,
 In every corner of the field

 Green grass field widely open
 neat and clear by the eyes seeing
 Never bored starring them
Never tired stand to seeing them

 while the raindrops fall down
The tickling body that was empty
 Feels like floating into the past moment
 When grandma is still singing a song
 A song of nature that is my own culture

 A cup of sweet coffee
 Bring the warm moment on the wet rainy days
 And the rainbow crosses the horizon
 Stun me with their color under the grey cloud
 The rain, the rainbow, the field,
All of them blend together to sing a great song of nature
That is truly natural
 Without the intervention of the higher-ups

 This is where I feel the freedom
Free from things that put me on the jail life
 No need to excess wealth to enjoy the peace
 The only joy is there
 Everything is so simple
 But it was hard to find out

Try to find this perfect rainy moment
And you will find something different
The air, the looks, and the feeling
They are changes by the rain
Never chase the train
Because they always be there,
And will pick us again…


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Environment Nature Poem

 Nature Poem: Pollution

 The roar of industry machine
 So noisy and lossy
 flogging endlessly
To fulfill his own mastery

 The worker's lookup
Their eyes full of sorrow
Hold the tired fear getting fired

 They stay strong to keep survive
So they can pay the bill
Without worry about any milk
 Covers by the flashlights
 Glowing and so annoying
 Witness human life
Workday by day
Night by night
Tirelessly in their own misery

 Their heart feels sad
 Being sliced a little bit
 The healthy drowning
The look so tiring
 Will they be alright?
 Or there must be someone care of it
Or just blame the condition without a solution

 Who is to blame
 Who will give the shoulder to them
 The poor dad will bring death
No one fit by the poor
Just force by the culture

 Live in a big city dying probably
Try to get out of the system
Can’t hold the pressure
It’s all about lust and human nature


Nature Changing

 One, Two, Three
 Shady trees spread wide open
 but they bow down someone tries to cut down
 I don't know what this land will be
 The green that used to fresh our eyes
 Now it's bald and has nothing left more

 Everything has changed
The green becomes grey
They wide become neat
Many floods appear
 bring terror and fears

 The earth-shaking,
Feel drunk to see the wrath of nature
 I wondering why,
Why beauty must go
Why the freshwater must dry
I just don’t know, really
 It’s too strange we try to change the nature
Nature changes by us!

 Will our earth be like this
 Dry and cold and die by the old
Will it be broken like this
Become two pieces without left any spaces

 People getting so greedy
Taking a lot of things from nature
Not throwback to keep them stable
We must try to keep remains and sustainable
 If not us who care for them, who else..?

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