Inspiring Nature Poem Short And Meaningful

Hello, Poemers Right now I want to share my poem collection about nature, especially the mountain landscape and the climbing moment. Because in every moment of climbing it gave a beautiful impression and gave some sort of inspiration too. Don’t take to long let's just take a look at the mountain poem below.

nature view

My Nature Poem Short Meaningful

1. Natural Poem: A Beautiful Moment

Oh my mighty mountain
You look strong forever
Standing still for longer

You are the stake
A brace full with silent
The Earth's balancer,
To stay balanced,
don't keep shaking

Many people amazed by your greatness
Many people want to climb close to you
They try to conquer you,
Above the top of the hill, tell the success

But eventually, they will come down,
Returning home through the days
Only leave a single memory
Which is full of impressions
To bring them back again soon

Nature Poem above is an expression of climbing moments that we often feel satisfied when we got into the top. It is natural because the view of the mountain peak is so beautiful, but we also have to realize that we can’t conquer the mountain just by climbing on it. Because at the end of that moment, we must get down and crawl under the hills of the mountain again, stay humble don’t get smug

2. Nature Poem: Climbing Reflections

The cold snow covers you
With a wide forest spread out,
As far eyes can see
You keep remaining to stand
Covered by the eternal ice

Climbing a mountain offers challenges,
And also gave us satisfaction.
The experience always feel new
Even we climb the same mountain

The harmony of nature can be sensed
See the purity of nature,
Blend with the sturdy mountain,
Under the blue sky and white cloud
The flows keep moving slowly
But it brings peace and harmony

We might get to the top of the hill
Feel pleasure and happiness
But in the end, we will surrender
And go back down to live another day

Mountain nature is so amazing
Can't be conquered,
Even though we've climbed a thousand times,
He is the balancer
For us to keep remember
That we are small compared with another

nature view

3. Nature Poem: The Nature Graffiti

Walk into the valley under the mountain
Fresh air swipe out the entire body
Cold wind breeze follow the steps
The most beautiful moment
When I become one with the mountains

A mixed satisfaction and pleasure,
When we enjoy the hilltop

The green see on the landscaped front
Like a big carpet without the borders

Can’t be doubt
Mountain is one of the best
Or maybe the thing that will last

Looking at the view from the high ground
So widely open,
See the whole landscape from above
The best moment of silence
Enjoy with the air of the mountain

I will always remember those days
When I blend with the mountain
A true moment of happiness
Get rid of my loneliness

Mountains Nature Poem above is an expression when I enjoyed the landscape alone. There are many beautiful moments, but it will all mean nothing if we go home with no message from the mountains themselves ...

4. Natural Poem: Life Is Just Like Climbing...

Awaiting the dawn again.
While sipping a coffee,
Get long by the cold of the mountains
Moments full of silence and memorable

All these things mix in memories
About a life that has already begun
About past that already far away
And also about the future,
That still remains a mystery
Drifting into a peace moment
In the middle of nowhere
I see my own self, honest and pure

Admit my failure and realize that
Because life is just like climbing the mountain
You have to struggle first,
Before enjoying the peak of the hills

As long as my breath can take
I devoted to change my life,
For peace and happiness

There are many things we can learn from hiking. Besides that, we can see the natural beauty of the mountains, and also bring the fresh things into our side. So we can figure more out about things in our life more clearly and hopefully, we can find out our truth own identity...

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