6 Nature Poem Full of Life Inspiration Quote

Nature Poem is an expression about natural things that we feel while we are on the field landscape. The nature poem can give some sort of inspiration in our life too, so we can respect more nature and keep them natural. Here are the natural poems that we have succeeded in making for our friends, all of them...

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Nature Poem Life Inspiration

1. Nature Poem: They Will Exist

All nature has feelings: forests, fields, and seas
They have soul hidden by their looks
In silence they say happiness
In a moment they standing still forever
They are eternal for changes,
They always grow in a rows

Brown leaves will come back again later
The flowers wither away will bloom again
While the sun and the moon,
Will always shine brightly every day
They are strong to move past the time

Our living things will become extinct,
But nature will still exist
Till the end of time,
When all be change into eternal life
Full of fun, but also endless torture

2. Natural Poetry: Moment Of Me

I love the sound of birds
Which always sing a song,
In the morning of silence

I love the sound of puppies,
When I was innocent and just born.
The flows can be seen by them
Peace and calm blend in purity soul

I like the smell of flowers
and honey tastes from bees.
I like the sound of the wind,
Rustling among the surrounding trees.

I like to look up into the sky,
So warm and bright
and when the rain comes
I still like it too
The grey and the air so typical

I love the smell of the sea,
the sound of waves on the sand,
Make me silence without a stand
I like holding shells,
and how they look in my hand.

And when the sun is gone,
I love the moon that shines so softly,
While other night creatures hiding,
Behind the curtain of the dark night

So when I lie down,
I thanks to God,
For all His creation,
So beauty, so perfectly

nature view

3. Nature Poem: Relax for a while

I just sit and relax
Feel the waves washing over my back
In the melting sun,
I see clouds reflect pink and blue
The flowers bloom on the hill
While the bird whoop it up
Bring the echo without the ego

Listen to the sound of the water,
That flows by from above
Knockdown the rock
Bring the warm breeze on my face

From the hidden waterfall,
I lay my back near the wall
Hit by the water, kissed by the lake
The sunlight dances through steam
rainbows jump away through each drop

The nature bring charm without harm
I close my eyes, try to relax more
Follow by the whistle from the birds above
Greet me in the morning,
Welcome me in their symphony
I really enjoy life with nature
Its time to relax for a moment

Enjoying nature bring a relaxing moment that we need to recharge our energy. We can get a lot of things while we are on the nature side. One way to enjoy and be grateful for life is to relax with nature around.

4. Natural Poetry: Moments with Nature

The moment with nature…
Look at the horizon line,
The sky of the world is eternal
And the rock hill is below,
Hold the wind over the edge
Feel the coolness without any pressure

If you want peace in a silence
Come up into the mountain
See the valley that is full of mystery
Full of life meaning
I stand on the edge
Seeing nature panorama.
So natural, so magnificent
Makes my heart beat faster
Seeing the great creation of God

This is a moment,
that I will always remember
Blend with nature,
Nothing can compare

Explore the entire forest
Dive in into moment of silence
And feel the calm and the happiness
I found that harmony in my life
While just sit and watch the entire nature life

Enjoy the moment with nature always refresh our mind, especially when you are on the edge of a mountain peak. The panorama views spread out in front of you, so beautiful, so imagine, always love that moment never get bored…

5. Nature Poem: Night Symphony

Moonlight in the shadows
Calling the trees to sway
I saw a bright color around,
Behind the curtain of the night

Nothing happened in the middle of the night
Only silence follows by the cold weather, the cold winds,
And that is normal

But for me that was beautiful
Silence is the beauty of the nature
In silence, there is a sound
Only heard by them who look around,

Every night I spend to enjoy the nature
Hear the symphony of the silence
Without feel guilty or feel lonely

In the silence of the night
There is a message
In the silence of the night
There is a lesson to do
Wake the soul, don’t think any foul
It’s time to set up a new adventure
And by the moment of silence,
The life journey will begin soon

6. Nature Poem: Don't Hurt Them!

Look at the sun shining brightly
Very beautiful to start the whole day
Warm the color of the frozen night
Under the morning tree
We enjoy the sun's light
Bless from God, to wake up all the livings

We can run and play in the middle of a field
Together with the sunshine,
we work hard to expand the body and soul

What happens if the green slowly disappears?
Sunlight can no longer blend with the fields
No longer warms up, just burn up

How long can we survive with the nature?
How many trees do we cut?
We sacrifice a lot of natural resources
But we can't bring compensation

There's no way we can pay,
that nature has given us,
Instead, we just rob it all
Just to play around in a guilty pleasure later…

Nature already gives us everything that we need, but our ego makes us reach more and more again. It’s quite a dilemmatic situation, but the things that nature already gave, can’t be repaid with the things that we already take…

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