9 Evening Poem Of Nature With Life Meaning

The evening poem is an expression when we enjoy the sunset time. There is a lot of pleasure when we sit and see the sunset coming. The time will change and we see perfect panorama there. Spend some time to watch the sunset, feel the evening with a fresh mind and let the flows come in
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Evening Poem Of Nature

1. Evening Poem: The Truth Is Never Hide

This Beautiful world
Will cover me in affection
Get me into some attraction
And will cover me in calmness
When the sky changes slowly

The evening winds move fast
Surprise me but it’s cool and warm
While the sun goes down
Rest for a moment
To keep up the balance

the time changes so elegance
Hide my suffer by a day life
So many things I wanna do
But as far as I go
The truth cannot be hide
It will flow into the right direction
No matter you try hard to stop
They will find the way
And bring the right things

Maybe later the nature will be forgotten
But for me, they are last forever
Speak the truth behind the time
And we realize that the truth is never hide

2. Evening Poem: My Expressions

I just sit on the edge
Stare out the sky with cozy eyes
The shinning day will disappear
Turn into dark cover by the starlight

The wide blue sky has gone for a while
turn into dark, with sparkling star
A million colors shine brightly

How they can appear?
It just like set by the timer
To show up and perform their light
Hmm, so many mysteries in our life

Sitting near to face the fear
Try to look up for a miracle
Within imagination
And the past come to me
Reflection in my humiliations

I feel alone and my vision has gone
But I must survive and started to move on
When the dawn has come,
I should carry on,
My own step
And walk into the right path

3. Evening Poem: Memories of Love

When the evening comes,
The clouds moved away
Change the color of life
With a blank sky and nothing to fear

As lovers, we have come to this
A pool of love without guile
Under the big tree,
With the wind breeze near my ears
We sit and watch the stone bridge
The goose come and go,
Like a bow pulled by the master
Leave the pond hide within the shadow

Now, you are gone forever
Leave the memories
Love has turned away
And make me sway in sorrow

The swans are pure and clear
They swim freely, smooth and gently
But in the end, they are gone by the time goes by
Just like my love who are gone
Drifting away and never coming back

4. Evening Poem: Dawn And Dusk

Every time I think for rest my everything
Every time you come, To wake up my daydream,
To give a purpose in my path

You are not the only one in the place.
You grow for forgiveness,
You grow to become one

Maybe the blue sky is the reason,
For your downfall or for the resurrection
It was connected
The Earth and the sky,
Has a strong feeling of life
About our existence
What we must to do,
And what happens next,
In here afterlife

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5. Evening Poem: Blessings Day

Every night
The horizon lights up
Spinning pink in the sky
Fade to blue and purple
Upside the maple
And come back for later
Bless for that time
It’s a pleasure to see the miracle
Every day it’s a blessing day

Each time the sunset moment come
The atmosphere feels different
There are no things that are exactly the same
Differences flow every day
We have to find out
And start to come out
Looking for ourself reflections moment

Above the sea
Or through the wide sky
Out in the meadow
Or in the apartment
We can still feel something,
Something that never returns,
That was the beautiful sunset

Their smooth color stayed for a while
And will disappear and changes.

This is why
Wherever we go
One thing remains the same.
The sun is always set
The nature always change every day
Come into the dark moment
And will change to be light later
Enjoy the sunset wherever we are
It was a blessing moment on our last day

6. Evening Poem: We Meet Again

Right outside the beach
Someone is waiting for me
Standing still outside the sunset
That is my destiny, full of energy

I Lie down on the sand
Deep and calm, find the treasure of mind
Feel the Love forever in the heart

Waiting for someone so long
Alone by the beach, I wait here
Waiting the right moment to come
We will come home together
Share our loves forever
I hope we meet again soon
By the beach who witness
For my eternal loneliness

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7. Evening Poem: Moment Of Sorrow

Bring me the sunset,
In a glass cup of tea
While constantly bust-up
By the old memory of times

Makes my feeling so blue
I can feel anything
To much haze on my mind
But in the evening come
Greet me smile brightly

I feel more calm and steady
Set my step to a different path
And will walk alone leave the past behind
Free my mind and free my soul

Write to me how many notes there are
How many trips have been done
How many cups have been spent
It just nothing compared with the journey

Let's sit for a moment,
looking the Evening sky
is there any future for us tomorrow?
Or it just only a moment of sorrow

8. Evening Poem: Evening and Sadness

The golden light from the west bank
Sink on the surface of the sea,
Awake the old dreams,
Try to hold the present time
Without any limit of time

The past has written her own story
Leave a bitter memory
And the time goes by
My wound no longer feels deep
There is no time for drama
No more pain,
And no time for fake love
Just looking for peace and calm
That lead to my faith for happiness

I don't laugh or care;
My soul and spirit are half asleep
Going nowhere without purpose
We float on slow flow,
Carried by the emotions of the waves of life
While life is a dream of eternity
And every time of joy,
There’s always a sadness that follows by

9. Evening Poem: Sunset Time

There are times when we are born
And time when we all gonna die
Every day we watch the sunrise
And every day we watch the sunset
Rise means new hope,
While the opposite mean reflection

The sunrise brings us joy
While the sunset bring affection
They come and go as time goes by
Keep the balance of life
So we can feel the gift from above

Let's get ready for the sunrise
New hope will come for sure
Don’t get too late
Or we gonna miss the date


Okay, guys, that’s all the nature poem by the evening time perspective. I hope we can learn something by the present in the evening time. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my Facebook or Instagram in my contact menu…see you later have a nice reading guy…

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