5 Poem About Nature In Our Life

Try to take some time to look more deeply into nature around, we can see and feel something positive into it. Someone who can live with nature will found harmony in their life. Now, I want to share my poem collection about nature with life meaning on it, let see the nature poem collection below

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Nature Poem With Life Meaning

1. Nature Poem: Explore The Nature

Exploring the forest alone
Feel the nature things surround
Seeing light between the ferns,
To fight in my journey
To find out what behind the valley

Climb the edge of the mountain
Greet by the sun who never run
Feel the wind around
Breeze on the ground

I continue to walk
To reach the field
Green covers by tress
The stream river sound soft
Bring comfort within a love

With so many things that I had lost
Kind of weird makes me nervous
The story of fairy tales
No longer had their tail

Now, I feel calm deep inside my soul
That’s why I choose to be here
Blend with nature
To restart my mind,
Bring some kind of new energy

I walk in and out into the city
Pass through the building cold and old
But soon or later,
I must choose nature compare the others

2. NaturePoem: Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Take a minute.
Put your worries behind you.
Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you
Relax your mind and your soul
Pay attention for the light come
Embrace peace energy from the dawn.
Enjoy gentle harmony by the evening come
Listen to good songs of nature
Among the trees or by the flowers

The nature view so enjoy, so beauty
Heard song by the bird in the morning
Or see them fly freely
It’s a perfect harmony

Blend with nature
To see more bright future
Forget the past,
Keep learning for the last

The ceiling is wide open,
As the sky bright in blue
Keep us on the ground peace
Under the sunlight, we feel right
Under the moonlight, we feel the attraction
Enjoy all of them while we can

There a moment when we close the pages
To end up everything in a right moment
Use wisely our time
And do things correctly
By the time goes by
Nature always showed their beauty

3. Nature Poem: Look the Outside World

The world outside is an amazing place,
Filled with many miracles and mysteries
A place to hear and feel nothing to fear.
Freedom and peace blend together

When the trees swing in front of your eyes,
The view looked so amazing
How they can move like that
like having a rhythm without a conductor
Inspire us to think more deeply
About the creator and the creations

We look up into the sky that so high
Get lost by the view of the blue
Feel the connection
And let the emotion through

Yes, go out and see the beauty.
The world is full of beauty and perfection
They all stand alone having their own rhythm
They look passive but they are strong

Maybe someday they all gone
But at least we witness their beauty
So there is no regret in our life
To see the beauty of nature
That means looking for a nice adventure

** It is important to spend time in nature because we can realize the wisdom on it. We can’t ignore the great gift, it’s to fool not recognize them, just like to let go the pure beauty in front of us, so regret at the end of it…

4. Poem of Nature: Creator of Nature

Cool autumn nights without sulking
God the creator of nature
Put on the night within the dark
Makes the starlight spark shinning
Bright in the dark night eternally

A garden full by the moonlight,
The Rose kissed His hand.
The beauty that He created,
Even the smallest piece of sand
Give a picture of His Greatness.
God creates all of them with a purpose
To make things look perfect for his great creations

From nothing He creates something
From the dark He created light.
God created all for a reason
To find the truth of everything
We must look deep into the nature creation
Leave our emotions, let our imagination…

5. Nature Poem: Where Does the Wind Come From?

Nobody can tell me,
No one knows,
Where does the wind come from,
Where the wind will go

He swings around us
Move freely ass fast as he can,
I can't follow him.
Not even when I’m running.

But if I stop moving
It will be over
Stuck by life don’t do any progress
So I Choose to follow the wind flows
To keep me moving, to keep me balancing

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