6 Nature Poems Life Reflection Deep Meaning

This time I will share some nature poems for the reflection of life. Because our existence in nature is full of lessons, so we can take some positive things while we watch nature itself. Let's take a look at the nature poem below.

nature view

Nature Poem Life Reflection

1. Nature Poem: Blooming Flowers

I want to tell you guys
about the sunflowers that I found
When walking on the sidewalk
Waved like a kite, then curled pretty
That times I never forget
I feel the beauty of nature
The feeling that I never felt before

I want to live quietly,
like a blooming flower
Its beauty and last forever
And later they will grow without sorrow

*Sometimes we did not notice the beautiful things around us, even blooming flowers have a deep meaning about the meaning of life. We can see the meaning of the process and the beautiful things inside it. All life in this world needs process, nothing can be done instantly, they need space and when the time comes, they will show their beauty…

2. Nature Poem: Learning Around

In puppies who are sleep
see their stomach breathe softly
On the green grasslands,
They blend with nature perfectly

That little animal can work together
Why we as a human can’t keep the balance
For the harmony of life
And for the last survive

Humans given by million potential
Must be able to preserve the nature
Not just a single damage,
Or just leave a trace

Presence of the sun,
Sign the day will come up
And started to walk around,
Learn from nature for our best future

*Learn from nature by observing give us many positive things. There are many reflections on life that we can get from nature. Our interaction with nature must lead to a moment of reflection because nature provides that moment to us. So we can learn and make our life better again to make some progress…

3. Nature Poem: Existence Reflection

The sky bright blue
Follow by cloud slowly
Never tired keep moving around
Every day the circle of life comes true

My father gave me a book
I read it and see nature so beauty
Then he took me outside and showed me
We lay on the grassland and see the blue sky
It’s just like a painting
With blue and white color

I want to go there,
To reach the sky,
And see closely
But my father doesn't know how we got there
We are far from the city
Just in a small country
No airplane but always has something to plant

I begin to imagine something
About life and what next to do
Maybe I’m too hard to think
But the moment gave me time to think

It’s not what we have now
Or how much we can get
It’s about the things that lead to happiness
And I feel that while with nature
Calm and peace, nothing to worry about
For me, nature is the best teacher

*There is a lot of inspiration while we enjoy nature. The reflection moment can give us strength, we can look more deeply about our life, what things wrong what things must be done. It’s normal because we must keep moving, and keep making some progress right?

nature girl

4. Nature Poem: Blessing Sun

Yesterday the night wind bad
Feel cold and wild
Strike me while still on guard
In the middle of the night
Expose something more
Lonely, just sit with nature around

But suddenly they all disappear,
By the dawn comes,
The cold night leave slowly
The blessing sun will come
Melt my soul end my sorrow

Sign of the new day has come
Started to move around,
Looking for things to overcome
It’s a blessing moment by the sun

The presence of the morning sunlight gives us warmth after passing through the cold night. If we think deeply the presence of sunlight is very meaningful. Warms the whole face of the earth, so the circle of life can run again…

5. Nature Poem: Time changing

The tide comes softly
Hit the beach on the edge
The singers are hiding
Behind the shade of night
Say goodbye sign the morning will come

The symphony of the night ends in sweet
Change with the blue and warm color
Step into a new life to survive
The time always changing
We keep running, to reach something
Till the end of the contract
All we have left is just a memory

*Day becomes night and the season always changes. We can hold them to stop, they keep moving till our last breath. So many things we can learn from the time changing, but at the of it, all we have just a memory

6. Nature Poem: Song of Bird

Every morning you call me
By the leaves that fall down
You still come to me
Reach my window
While standing on the branch
Wake me up, to start my day

I feel jealous
Can’t sing like your
Or fly freely with the wind
I want to be like you
Enjoy life without worry
Sing all day long and free my soul

Watching the birds singing can us a reflection about life. How the birds can be one with nature without worrying about the world. They just keep playing around and moving around, searching for food but nothing to worried about…

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