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Hi friends, my poem collection right now is about political things that happen today. Starting from terrorism, corruption, and in the end its just about hegemony. Okay Poemers, lets started to look at the political poem below pls…

Political Poems Meaningful

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1. War and Business

Social life in the world today is filled with conflicts between groups of nations. If we look closely, there is always group friction that causes tension and even war. However, if we examined further, there is a big deal following the war event, its pure about business.

War and Business

The earth lost his charm
Safety becomes so expensive
Fear is played as a tool by the media
To control and legalize a mistake
The truth is destroyed by the propaganda

Everything seems happened by accident
However, everything has been calculated
Plan perfectly according to the master
Ideology becomes a tool for colonize

For some people, peace is a disaster
Unity is a disease that must be eliminated
War and division are their vitamins
Colonialism is a way to keep them alive

Conquering all media
Mastering all technology
Spread the propaganda
So that all people will believe
That the world is in danger

Who is taking the role?
Heroes and villains seem blur right now
They all fought for power and ambitions
Debt is increasing, real profits are insight

Entering the land of people
Carrying weapons and fleets
Regardless of the rules, they stand by
Legalize war on the grounds for peace
Even though it actually causes fear
And destruction for all life

Who gets the benefits?
Who is the party that enjoys it the most?

The war brought opportunities for improvement
Funds have been prepared, resurrect the area
And planning to start another war again, and again
People become victims
For their profit scheme of business war
Above the blood of humanity

2. Ruler of the World

This second poem is inspired by the condition of many nations right now. It just likes watching a fiction movie, but the fact is that there are groups that dominate the world today. look many groups are able to manage the situation globally, both economic, political, until they hold all education.

World Ruler

It's strange to see the current state of the world
Many anomalies occur in every country
The strong countries seem to bow to them
They say a free country
But how come it's still curbed?

Information is restricted
Only by the permission of the editor's
They say developed countries
But how come you still owe something?

Someone who gave you must be more powerful
Someone who lends you must be greater

The infrastructure has been set up
With the cost of debt that we made up
It cant be paid off, the system must obey
We are slave by the modern systems

He is the ruler of the world
Mastering all aspects of life
Someone who can control everything
Someone who can choose the destiny of the nation
Logic and thought are put to sleep
Everything must follow their words
Otherwise, it will be fought
With a million of justification

Speak up the truth will be silenced
Sweet word to cover up the truth
The world is made just like in danger
Though it just a scheme to get more profit

All countries visited
All the places visited
Those who disagree
Will be fought until they follow

We must wake up
At least we are consider
Move-in a silence
Think twice like an agent
We can change, if we all just wake up

girl alone

3. Fake Independence

Blood becomes price
There is always friction
When we revealing the truth
Black and white always go hand in hand
Fill every aspect of our life
Mixed until it turns gray

They came carrying weapons
Society must bow down to them
Live in fear with full of tears
They control all of the lines,
Leave the area on a slime

It's just a piece of history in the past
The season has changed,
Independence has been established
But there is a dark shadow following

The fact is it just a fake
We have freedom but don’t have the attention
They control the economy
For their own hegemony

The nation is independent
But still shackled
By their authorities
It's hard to refuse their offer
National life is at stake
Debt becomes a choice
To maintain this pseudo independence

Free but silence
Open-minded but must follow the guidebook
Speak the truth considered as a crazy
Speak for the unity of nation considered as human demolition
What does independence mean?
If we are still being control
It just like a rainbow in a world of fantasy

4. People Who Are Expelled

This fourth poem was inspired by the consequences when the war happens. People will be the group that will suffer the most. They have no power or weapons, so they must try to survive by their own feet.

People Who Are Expelled

Refugees flood the blue continent
Coming like a tsunami cant be stopped
Asking for help for survival living
But they got people judging misunderstanding

War only presents a tragedy
It is set so that everything happens for change
Innocent people become victims of power
It is global.crime made by the nation

It must be hard to see the ground destroyed
Must be hard separate from the hometown
Wandering around in other countries
Without supplies, only faith for survive

The war agenda destroys human values
The world just silent without giving answers
They have the power to stop the war
But its all nothing, just a glimmer hope
In the middle of the desert

The war keeps running until today
I don't know how long it will end
Just waiting for their turn
What other people should go to?
Or they should pray for dying a long time ago?

5. Search for the Truth

The world is getting crazy
Many people action before thinking
Everyone becomes a judge for the others
Being the most righteous, but look suspicious
They think sharply, but in shallow mindset

wrong can be right
Dirty can be clean
Sin can be holy
All depends on the media game
Depends on the editor

Where are you going?
Depends on money and interests
Don't be late on television shows
It's all been set up for us

Clear our mind put the empty glass now
Time for us to search the truth out there
Look at the facts of life
Not from the media incline
Or their opinion
Look for the truth yourself
Without having to be dictated by them

Okay, guys that is one of my political poems with many angle perspectives. Hopefully, it can give us some inspiration later. Don't forget to subscribe to get the latest poem articles, and feel free to see our contact on the blog menu…

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