Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2022

    Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris

    Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris
    puisi sedih bahasa inggris

    MY Poem - Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris merupakan ungkapan perasaan dalam bentuk kata kata puisi b.inggris dengan tema sedih. Kehidupan kadang up-down ada momen bahagia ada juga momen depresi ketika banyak ujian datang bertubi-tubi. Semoga puisi bahasa inggris dibawah ini bisa mewakili perasaan para pembaca sekalian ya :

    Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Depresi

    Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris
    puisi sedih bahasa inggris


    After you left my soul is very fragile

    I swallow and enjoy sorrow

    In silence and a smile, there is actually an injury, there is sorrow

    I'm looking for an argument why there is a breakup

    The next time to answer, explain the meaning of parting

    If separation is a fitrah

    Some people will come and go, embroidering face-to-face and parting

    There is a short pass, but an imprint on the heart.

    Some have been together for a long time, but the meaning of their presence is not recognized

    Something is very far in the eye, and its appearance is stuck in the heart

    There are also those who have separated but still live in the heart

    Thus, God makes a test through a face-to-face and parting


    Very sad when reality doesn't match what you want

    Dreams and wills drift away, left hope is broken

    Now I'm crushed by my own thoughts

    I wrestle with ourselves

    Then the light arrived, shining on the dusty prayer rug

    I clean, I wash myself. Then I talked about it

    The light also came back, this time he brought me

    Then I did the bravest thing I've ever done in life, which was to continue living when I wanted to die


    It's stress, not fantasy

    Lara is sick and misery mixed together

    The taste of the report is very bitter

    Even though I pour honey, it doesn't change this bitterness

    Some people who are close become distant

    My ears are squeezing from the criticism

    The fog arrives, sometimes thunder is heard

    How unlucky for me


    Why are you guys apart

    You have cut my body

    My atma is also split

    My mind is crazy

    That's your ego

    Dare to make me feel like dying

    Now all my hopes regarding this ark are gone

    Gone all hope


    Throwing feces grows humiliation

    Disgusting, useless. Myself

    Hated, cursed, removed

    I'm tired, my sweet isn't there

    Called Trash and Dirt

    Once this self is in recession

    My soul really wants to die

    Puisi Sedih Dalam Bahasa Inggris Depresi

    Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris
    puisi sedih bahasa inggris


    When sugar and honey are no longer sweet

    When it's cloudy it's no longer a shade

    When the wind doesn't feel soft again

    At that time it was bright

    Regret, so deep

    Farewell teach

    If you are so valuable to my life

    You used to live, now I can't see you


    I dredged, didn't even get the treasure

    I'm hunting for women, I can't find them either

    Everything seems to be far away, left hope is broken

    Hole the heart, bleeding thoughts


    Sometimes, life will bring you down

    But sooner or later, there will be awareness

    You will realize that you will not only be able to survive

    But you are a fighter

    And getting stronger than you think

    There remains a desire, for everything individually

    Desire is equal

    Get up


    I fell down and cried

    Actually I don't cry because I think everything is inappropriate

    I cry because I just feel crushed by the truth of who I really am

    If I'm a loser


    It's not easy, that's the design of life

    A piece of trouble can often happen

    It's okay, that's how it is

    To get the sweet, we sometimes have to lick and swallow the bitter

    It's okay, there have been some limitations. We will not be burdened through strength

    Remember, sometimes to get what we expect, we will be forced to feel what we don't like

    Puisi Bahasa Inggris Sedih Depresi

    Puisi Depresi Bahasa Inggris
    puisi sedih bahasa inggris


    Tonight tell

    About the universal protection girl

    Looks beautiful like a princess

    Who are bound by injury and tears

    The story is really hard to explain

    Only the universe can write

    Because he's the only one who listens to complaints


    Mask of love, reality full of pain

    Full of jokes and laughter, but the depths of sweat are injured

    Almira, forget the scars

    Sorry all sincerely


    In a photo that I can't look back at

    On a face that's now gone

    A single word I leave longing for you

    Can't ask why because he can't meet

    Only the clinking counts the time

    Not to the moon or the sun

    But in the heart that you stole

    In the silent night of the last third
    The wind is blowing through the leaves, the cold is gripping
    Recite the more inflamed

    I'm lying on my feet, paralyzed on a prayer rug
    Prostrate closed mute, dumb
    What happened?
    The stream of tears


    In the fragments of time I recite you

    I can't find a consonant that makes a vowel dead style

    when the interval and intonation are both aiming between phrases and clauses

    But, I stumbled over the cloud

    between dot and comma

    which is difficult for me to interpret.


    From my childhood period I haven't
    Just like the others-I haven't watched
    As someone witnessed - I can't take it
    My favorite of the usual spring
    From a similar source I haven't taken it
    My sorrow - I can't wake up
    My heart rejoices with the same voice-
    And everything I like-I like myself-
    Then-in my little period-at dawn
    The most storm-drawn life
    From every depth good and bad
    Mystery that binds me-
    From a torrent, or a fountain-
    From the red cliffs of the mountains-
    From the sun that makes me go round and round
    In golden autumn-
    From the lightning in the sky
    When it ends I fly with-
    From thunder, and storm-
    And the clouds that are created


    The rain roars like red ants,
    each one bales from my window.
    The ants are really in pain
    and they scream when they hit
    as if they were just their little feet
    sewn and their heads glued.
    And oh they remember the tomb,
    really humble, really ready to be conquered
    with scary letters and
    body lying underneath

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