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6 Collection of My Political Poem Short

Political Poem is one way to express our feeling about things that happen in the world today. Through the collection of political Poems below, I try to express my own feeling about politics and I hope you can get the message from my poem below…

~My Political Poem Collection ~

Hi friends, my poem collection right now is about political things that happen today. Starting from terrorism, corruption, and in the end its just about hegemony. Okay Poemers, lets started to look at the political poem below pls…

My Political Poem: Moment Of Reflections

We live nowadays in a world of deception. Yes, we have freedom, but if we look deeper again, we can realize that all of the people are being chained by the system. We don’t have many things to take, only a few options or maybe there is no other option except to follow the system. My collection poem right now will express about things happen nowadays in our life. Let’s take a look at the poem below.

My Political Poem Collection Short Meaningful

Hello Poemers, my poem collection now is a little bit heavy, and its about political things in a word of poems. By the word of a poem, we can express things happen in our life, and politic is one of aspect. So, don’t waste time, let’s take a look at the collection below.

Friendship Poem For A Best Friend Cool

Right now I want to share some friendship poem that based on my experience before. Because life is different when there is no best friend in our life. So by that moment, I want to express my emotion with the poem words, as my appreciate things for my old friends before. Let's take a look my poem below...

See My Friendship Poem Meaningful

This time I wanted to share my poem collection about a true friend and best friend moment in a word of a poem. Because best friend always took part in my life journey, we can’t be here, achieve many positive things without them. Their support, their feeling, makes us keep move forward. By that experience I want to share in a poem word, let’s take a look at the collection below